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I have SO SO much on my mind that I don’t know where to start.  I don’t know if I should even write this post and share because I’m not convinced it will be helpful in any way but I’m going to anyway because it’s on my mind, it’s the elephant in the room and the monkey on my back and without explaining myself, I’m afraid I’ll be move forward in an inauthentic way.  

6 years ago I started this blog and began a creative journey that has been blessed on so many levels. I believe we live in a toxic world and must prioritize living a natural lifestyle. I believe in taking control of your own health so much so that I make my own skin care!  I also believe in fun, frivolity and guilty pleasures.  However, I’ve taken a controversial turn and ended up somewhere I’ve never been.  To experience first hand what it’s like to be called names and shunned because of how you believe is not something I have any experience with.  It has humbled me yet left me a bit flat lined.  

This blog has taken some wrong turns but they’ve always led me back to where I’m supposed to be.  It started last summer when I decided to start a new blog.  I love hunting for bargains, putting outfits together, creating playlists, interior design etc. I thought I’d stick to DIY skin care and health topics here and document more frivolous subject matter there.  It didn’t take long of photographing myself in various outfits that I became disgusted with how shallow it felt.  It also seemed like all the fashion bloggers I followed had gained so many followers so quickly that they felt it was OK to go on and on about every aspect of their lives on Instastories.  I threw my hands up ashamed that I was moving in that direction and threw my outfit selfie days in the garbage.  

That wrong turn made me realize that my true purpose was to shed light on truths.  Mainly truths about our health.  I want to speak a message that matters.  I want to help people. I know that our world is going in the wrong direction when it comes to health and however small my platform may be, I want to be part of a solution rather then add to the brain dead sheep mentality of many people.  

I also want to continue to be real about things like motherhood, marriage, spirituality and embracing who God made us to be.  Never do I want to put an illusion out into the world that isn’t 100% authentic.  Angles, lighting, filters and cheap outfits made to look expensive were about the opposite of who I want to put out into the world.

Unfortunately, most if not all natural health websites have been hidden from your view if you’re using Google.  Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have also buried posts related to natural health.  The censorship is very real and I’ve been effected.  

There is really no point in posting on social media anymore and gaining the large amount of traffic from Google that I once did is now in the past.  Truly, my email list is the my only hope for continuing.  Even the email list has to be transferred to a company that doesn’t threaten censorship!  What a time we’re living in!

I’ve evolved so much from writing this blog.  Blogging used to be about me.  I was seeking my own glory.  While I still struggle with that here and there, my heart has grown for my readers.  I want to help if I can.  So many of us are suffering mentally and physically and if I can point you in the right direction for healing then my purpose is being fulfilled.  It’s ironic that God has grown my heart and shrunk my ego just in time to be censored!  Those fashion posts would’ve definitely not been censored-lol.  

Anyway-this is a raw post.  I’m sorry if I’ve depressed you or shared too much.  I just need you to understand my heart right now.  I want nothing more then to continue posting and connecting to this community but it’s confusing to know where I go from here. I tell you this in hopes of comfort.  While I know God has a purpose in everything He allows, I still just feel defeated.  

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I urge you to stop using Google.  It should enrage you that they are manipulating your searches to let you see only what they want you to see.  They are in bed with pharmaceutical companies and health blogs that share alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals are a threat to their money making scheme.  

Google is the default search engine for Safari on your I-phones.  I’m not sure about Androids.  

You now have a choice on your phone to use DuckDuckGo which is what I recommend over Yahoo, Bing and Google.  I actually show up on searches on DuckDuckGo.  On my main computer, I use the environmentally conscious, Ecosia which I highly recommend.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far-lol.  And if you are still reading-PLEASE reply below.  I would love to hear from you.  I’m happy to have suggestions of future content or even just your thoughts on being censored.  

xx, Jenni


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