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Spiders, whether you see 1 or 10, have no place inside my living space. I wouldn’t say I have arachnophobia but there’s not one person in my household that doesn’t put up a fight to get rid of a spider that has ventured into the house! Come to find out an incredible natural spider repellent is essential oils. In this post, I’ll reveal the best essential oils for repelling spiders and tell you exactly how to use them to get rid of those pesky buggers! Plus, I’ve got a DIY essential oil spider repellent spray that can be used to deter spiders from even entering your home. 

Hand spraying a blue glass bottle.

The use of essential oils can be a fantastic natural remedy when it comes to repelling bugs. They are a great way to discourage any buggy activity minus the toxic chemicals you get when using the usual bug spray. You might be familiar with the popular citronella oil known for repelling bugs, mosquitos in particular. In fact, I have a recipe for citronella wax cubes that can be burned on a patio as well as a tutorial on how to make citronella candles. I also have a DIY bug repellent spray recipe I make every summer to keep bugs at bay. 

That being said, spiders are effected by particular essential oils so using a specific recipe to repel them is needed. This recipe contains only natural ingredients that are safe for kids and animals. It is super easy to make and smells good as well!

brown recluse and black widow spider

Spiders to Be Cautious Of:

Spiders are typically harmless bugs and quite commonly found inside homes. However, the brown recluse and black widow are 2 types of spiders that are actually venomous.

Did you know the brown recluse spider is actually a pretty peaceful spider with a non painful bite but their venom is more potent than a rattlesnake? However, they are so small that rarely does one bite cause too much damage. Brown recluse are so common that just about every household has quite a few of them lurking about. They are called “recluse” for a reason and tend to hide out alone in dark areas with little to no traffic. They are slender, small and brown. Brown recluse are typically found in the south/southwest regions of North America. 

Black widows on the other hand are a little less common and have more painful bites. They are easily spotted by their appearance. They are black with a round body and the females have a red hourglass shape. Black widows are very aggressive and are very territorial. Their venom is 15x stronger than that of a rattlesnake but rarely cause too much damage since the amount of venom a bite gives is small. All though, both the brown recluse and black widow can cause quite a bit of damage in young children. Black widows are found all over the world. 

There are many other spider species that will bite but they are not poisonous. Spiders are an important part of our eco system but can be a pesky nuisance in our homes. 

How Essential Oils Repel Spiders:

It’s super simple, spiders hate strong fragrances. Spiders have a very heightened sense of smell. When essential oils are used around spiders they can become confused and overwhelmed to where they can not protect themselves from danger or find food. Needless to say, spiders flee when they smell scents that evoke danger. 

Also, several essential oils contain compounds that harm a spider’s respiratory system. 

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Why Use Essential Oils to Remedy Spiders:

  • Essential oils are non toxic and much safer than using the traditional bug spray.
  • Essential oils smell good!
  • An essential oil spider spray is an easy DIY.
  • Essential oils are environmentally friendly.
  • Using essential oils is very cost effective.

The Best Essential Oil to Repel Spiders:

Needless to say, spiders have no place inside and I’m all about a natural spider deterrent. Come to find out, spiders hate strong scents and that includes several common essential oils. Peppermint, in particular has been shown to repel spiders. Peppermint is the main essential oil spiders hate due to it’s high content of menthol. Several studies have shown that peppermint essential oil is an effective spider repellent!

Making a peppermint spray or putting a few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and placing in closets and other areas spiders tend to gather is a natural way to steer clear of our eight legged enemies. 

Peppermint essential oil has a minty, refreshing aroma. It is pleasant to most human and can actually help with focus and concentration! So spray away!

Other Essential Oils that Repel Spiders:

The problem with peppermint essential oil is that it isn’t super kid and pet friendly. In my opinion, it is much safer for the little ones in our household then calling the Orkin man and all the harsh chemicals he’ll spray all over your home but you should know many sources state peppermint oil might be harmful. 

However, diffusing peppermint oil and spraying a diluted peppermint spray is 100% safe. Just to be clear, applying it undiluted is not recommended and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. 

In my research, I believe peppermint is the best spider repellent but there are a few other essential oils that have been shown to be natural repellents as well. Below is a list of essential oils you could use if you are trying to rid your space of spiders. 

Eucalyptus oil is very similar to peppermint oil in that it has a strong scent and contains properties that damage a spider’s respiratory system.

Citronella Oil is more commonly associated with repelling mosquitos but due to it’s strong scent and certain properties, it has also been shown to be effective against spiders.

Clove Oil contains a compound called eugenol which has insecticidal and insect repelling properties! Studies have shown eugenol is effective at repelling certain insects, including spiders.

Lemon Oil is a natural insecticide and it’s citrus scent irritates spiders.

Tea Tree Oil is a strong antibacterial oil that repels all insects including spiders.

What You Need to Make an Essential Oil Spider Repellent Spray:

  • 16 ounce Clear Glass Spray Bottle (find it HERE)
  • 30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (find it HERE)
  • 1 TBSP. Dish Soap
  • Distilled Water

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Hand spraying a blue glass bottle.

Essential Oil Spider Repellent Spray

Yield: 16 ounces Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 5 minutes

The best essential oil for repelling spiders is peppermint so making a DIY spider spray can help get rid of those pesky buggers! This simple DIY contains only easy to find, natural ingredients!


  • 30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 1 tbsp. Dish Soap
  • Top Off Distilled Water


  • 16 ounce Clear Glass Spray Bottle


  1. Add essential oils and dish soap to a 16 ounce spray bottle.
  2. Top off with distilled water.


  • A glass bottle is important because essential oils can degrade plastic. 
  • If you would like to make a spray that actually kills the spider, add 1/3 cup of white vinegar to this recipe before topping off with water.

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If you are looking to kill spiders, a peppermint spray won’t cut it. According to Today’s Homeowner, you can make a spray to kill bugs by combining one cup of vinegar, one cup of water and 1 tbsp. of dish soap. Vinegar contains acetic acid which is effective in killing bugs.

How to Use a Peppermint Oil Spray:

Liberally spray in door ways, window sills, corners, closets etc. Spray anywhere you believe is an entry point or hiding place for spiders. 

For best results, use your essential oil spider spray 1-2 times a week. 

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Where to get the Best Essential Oils:

When using essential oils, high quality, organic oils are a must. I typically get my essential oils from Plant Therapy. I love that they offer organic oils that are affordable. Plus they offer fast and free shipping. You can use my code JENNIRAINCLOUD to get 10% off your order!

Other Ways to Repel Spiders with Essential Oils:

Diffuse in places were spiders tend to be like garages, attics and basements.

Make a floor cleaner by adding 30 drops of essential oil to 1 gallon of hot water. 

Leave cotton balls with essential oil in spider hiding places like closets, pantries and attics.

More Spider Repelling Tips:

  • Funny fact, spiders hate chestnuts. What? Ok, random but placing chestnuts around the house isn’t a bad idea. 
  • Spiders also hate cedar so if you can find ways to incorporate cedar wood in your home, this would be an effective way to keep spiders at bay. 
  • Another funny fact is that spiders don’t like music! Turn up the music while cleaning-the vibrations upset them! Spiders don’t have good eye sight so they rely on vibrations to move about and find food. Sound vibrations interrupt that necessity. 
  • Be sure to clean up crumbs! Spiders won’t stick around it there’s nothing to eat. Clean out trash cans, garbage disposals, under tables etc.
  • Always remove cobwebs. This will encourage them to move on. It is important to clean in corners and under furniture as well as declutter your space. 
  • For some reason, spiders tend to like cardboard. Swapping out cardboard boxes for plastic bins can help deter spiders.
  • Diatomaceous earth kills and repels spiders so you can sprinkle it around places spiders like to hide like wood piles or even around the perimeter of your home. It is safe for children and pets.
  • Basil and lavender is a spider repellent and can be grown around your home and/or in window boxes. 

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Obviously, if you have a spider infestation you will need to call a pest control company. An essential oil solution can only do so much and getting terribly outnumbered by spiders is my idea of a nightmare. Spider bites are no fun and as stated earlier, can be quite detrimental. 

In conclusion, using essential oils is a simple way to rid your home of spiders. Who knew spiders had such a keen sense of smell and really hated the strong odor of essential oils? Do your home a favor and make this simple diy essential oil spider repellent spray. You’ve got nothing to lose and only a clean smelling, spider free house to gain!

xx, Jenni


Hand spraying a blue glass bottle.

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