Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Au Naturale Cosmetics is yet another totally safe makeup company.  How exciting-I’ve been inundated with makeup reviews lately and all of it is high quality, high performing and totally safe for your body and skin.  Most of it is even vegan and no company allows animal testing.  Do you know what this means?  The beauty industry is turning around.  Natural, safe choices are no longer hard to find.  

Gone are the days when I’d try out a natural product and HATE it because it just didn’t stay put or apply properly.  We are speaking with our money and the beauty industry has no choice but to listen.

I’ve tried quite a few products from Au Naturale Cosmetics so today I thought I would review each one as well as show you what these products look like on the skin.

This line was made from the thought that skin thrives when we don’t wear makeup.  Au Naturale makes it their number one priority to find ingredients that are not only safe, but also enhance skin.

Ashely Prange-Founder & CEO of Au Naturale Cosmetics-

Every day we are proving that: makeup can be made fresh, without parabens, animal bi products synthetics or other harmful ingredients…and still perform! People deserve products they can trust & we will continue to raise their standards for what it means to use truly healthy cosmetics.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review:

Lip Gloss

The first product I want to talk about is the High Lustre Lip Gloss.  In the pics, I’m wearing the color Passion Fruit.   I’m so impressed with this lip product.  Not only is it organic, it’s also vegan and it’s ingredients are ethically sourced.  I love my lip gloss and am so impressed with how well it wears.  It lasts for quite a long time and the color is highly pigmented.  I always tell people that the most urgent products that you should switch out for safe products are the ones you use daily.  Lip sticks are not only used daily, they are used multiple times a day.


The Powder Bronzer in Warm is my least favorite product.   Only because I’m not a fan of the packaging.  It is a powder and is in a pump bottle meant to be pumped directly into a brush.  I find the pump is inconsistent and frustrating.  However, I like the actual bronzing powder.  So much so, that I’m very likely going to transfer it to a mineral makeup pot.  I find it is a nice color and goes on subtly.  The pump isn’t totally undoable-it is just hard to get enough powder pumped on your makeup brush and when it does pump out it’s not an even amount compared to if you were to press your brush into the powder.  Next time I will try the Luminous Creme Bronzer Stick.  With a stippling brush, this product will be great for contouring.

Eye Shadow

The powdered shadow is another iffy product solely due to the packaging.  It comes in a roll on bottle and is meant to be rolled directly on the eye lid and then blended with a brush.  I find that I don’t get enough product onto my lid.  However, I end up being quite impressed and happy with how the shadow looks after rolling it on.  I think this speaks to the quality of the actual powder.  Because the shadow color (Mahogany) looks so good, I would repurchase.  I’m hoping that maybe they will rethink the packaging.  Tip: I find that slow, long rolls of the roller ball work the best.  Again, I might just find another way to store and use it.

Cream Blush

I’m not a huge fan of cream blush because they can be difficult to apply but I love this one.  It is light, non greasy and very easy to apply.  I blogged more about it HERE.  I have the color Sweatheart.

Cream Shadow

I love this cream shadow.  In my picture, is a deluxe sample but the full size comes in a stick.  The color Vintage is amazing and the texture is very easy to apply and non greasy.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review

Au Naturale Cosmetics Review Final Thoughts…

Overall, I’m really impressed with Au Naturale Cosmetics.  I think they have high quality, super safe cosmetics that really perform.  Everything is highly pigmented and sits on the skin beautifully.  

The packaging is super iffy for me but now I know, I’ll just stick to the creams rather then the powders.  I read a lot of reviews and it seemed to be about 50/50 on the packaging.

The lip products are my favorite. They look great, are affordable and last on the skin plus their shelf life is great. 

In conclusion, I definitely recommend checking out Au Naturale Cosmetics. 

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xx, Jenni

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