100% Pure Cosmetic Review After 5 Years!

100% Pure Makeup ReviewWhen it comes to clean, safe makeup, I have a handful of brands I know well. 100 Percent Pure is one natural beauty brand I have reviewed over and over and each time I get an order of new products, I’m tickled at how well each product wears, how pretty they look and how clean the ingredient list is!

After 5 whole years with 100% Pure, I can definitely vouch for each product’s quality and after the discovery of many other natural brands, still feel loyal to these beautiful products!

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100% Pure Cosmetics Reviews

100% Pure Face Products:

  • Bamboo Blur Powder is a transleucent powder that stamps out shine and gives a blurring effect that leaves your skin looking air brushed. I’m not a huge fan of my makeup looking matte but this is a great powder to cut down on oily shine as well as provide coverage. With almost 1,000 5 star reviews-this product is a favorite in the 100% Pure community. I am wearing it in these pictures along with the tinted moisturizer.
  • Bamboo Blur Tinted Moisturizer provides an impressive amount of coverage for a tinted moisturizer. It defintely minmizes pores and gives a matte finish. Most skin types could use it as their foundation. While it covers well, it is extremely light weight.
  • Fruit Pigmented Blush-I’ve been wearing Mimosa for years. It’s more pink then the website shows. It is what is pictured in this post. It’s long lasting and highly pigmented. It only takes a small amount! I’ve had my blush for years and still haven’t had to replace it. Out of all my blushes, it’s definitely my go-to. 
  • Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer is my #1 bronzer because it applies easily and looks natural. I have Cocoa Kissed and find it lasts all day. It is matte and does not have shimmer so it is very easy to achieve a natural contour.
  • Full Coverage Water Foundation is my absolute favorite cream foundation. It’s so light weight, matches my skin tone beautifully and covers without looking cakey or matte. However, this sale includes random colors so if you find your color on sale, I highly recommend snagging it!
  • Fruit Pigmented Gem Luminizer is for sure in my cart. This will be my second purchase of this item. It gives the perfect amount of highlight without looking over done or tacky. I use it not just on my cheekbones but also down the bridge of my nose, brow bone and above my upper lip. I even use it as eye shadow. See it in action in THIS glowy makeup look.
  • All Over Glow is a body shimmer that I have on in the picture but you can’t really tell since I only photographed from the neck up. Duh. Anyway, it’s fantastic to give a bronzy glow on the chest and collar bones. It’s subtle, not at all garish and spreads easily. You can see it in action in THIS makeup tutorial.

The Best 100% Pure Eye Products:

  • Creamy Long Last Liner is a long lasting liner that gives subtle or bold eye looks. I have Bright Eyes which brightens the inner rim of lashes. I also have a darker color to apply above the upper lashes for thickness. I have used other natural brand’s eye liner and to my dismay, they were to soft and transferred all over my skin. These eye liners do not.
  • Long Last Liquid Eye Liner is perfect for you if you love a good cat eye. I do too but have never perfected the art. You can see it in action on THIS makeup tutorial. I can say this liner stays put until you wash it off. It does not transfer to your skin and is a deep pigmented black. The tip is easy to apply-I’m just severely challenged on eye liner-lol!
  • Maracuj√° Mascara is not the mascara I typically get or am wearing in the pictures but it is the one on sale. I can not speak for it’s quality but it does come with a load of great reviews. I might add it to my bag and see which is best!

100% Pure Lip Products

  • Lip Caramel is a pigmented lip gloss that I actually didn’t love in the beginning. I have Rum Nougat and it’s a beautiful color but I felt like it wore off to0 quickly. I will say it does if you’re a lip licker but it’s so incredibly hydrating that I wasn’t noticing that it was actually sinking into my lips. I love it now and am ordering another tube.
  • Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick is a great long lasting lipstick if you like matte. I’ve tried many of these colors and review them HERE.
  • Cocoa Butter Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick is more my preference since it’s so creamy looking. There are quite a few colors on sale but Poppy is a red I wore for THIS makeup tutorial. I never wear red but this color turned out so pretty and I found it wearable and comfortable.
  • Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze was the first lipstick I got from 100% Pure. To be honest, I’m not sure what the difference is between the anti aging lipstick. Both are incredibly creamy, nourishing and look beautiful. You can’t go wrong with either formula.

Five years and going strong is how I feel about this natural makeup brand. 100% Pure has truly never let me down. Their products are long lasting and out perform drug store or beauty counter brands. There’s really no excuse to not clean up your beauty routine with brands like 100% Pure that are affordable and look incredible!

It really is so important to stop putting dangerous ingredients on your skin on a daily basis. My advice is to start with the product you use daily and switch those out 1-3 at a time.

xx, Jenni

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