A Flawless Complexion by Dusty Girls

Dusty Girls ReviewI love this job.  I seriously do.  I get sent products for me to try out and if I like them, I share on the blog.  Don’t worry-I always make it really clear that if I don’t like the product then I’m not going to do a post!  In this particular case, I’ve found a foundation and blush that I will re-order as soon as I run out.

First off, let me tell you a bit about Dusty Girls.  They are an Australian based make up company.  Their aim is to create makeup that gives the skin a naturally pretty look without using harmful ingredients.  Dusty Girls is inspired by nature.  They have created a makeup line focused on sensitive skin types as well as blemished skin that proves to be natural and healing, giving you a perfect solution for beautiful skin!

Dusty Girls sent me Tinted Earth Cream and Natural Mineral Blush.

Earth Cream:

Dusty Girls, Earth Cream

Earth Cream is a multi-tasking product.  First and foremost, it is meant to be used as a foundation.  It’s aimed at acne prone skin types as well as sensitive skin types.  This cream is also used as a moisturizer, primer, sun block and concealer as well-WHAT?!  Yes.  It feels super light and creamy but actually has a clay base with oils such as Nigella Sativa Oil and Manuka Tree Leaf Oil for acne prone skin. Also, Magnolia Acuminata Extract for soothing and Chaulmoogra Tree Seed Oil for skin repair.  As you can see, this foundation is meant for problem skin.  Since I’m not currently breaking out, I can’t really attest to this but I will say, the ingredients speak for themselves.  This is a great product for people that are prone to clogging but need something to cover the blemishes.  It’s also excellent for those that have extremely sensitive skin, finding it hard to use products aimed to cover the skin.  It has an SPF of 6 which seems slight but because it’s a physical sunblock, meaning that it forms a barrier between your skin and the sun, it lasts as long as the cream is on your skin.  Oh, and it is considered non-comedogenic.

My experience:  I’ve been using another foundation for a while now.  I’ve come to the point that I feel like it looks cakey and flaky.  I end up mixing it with THIS tinted Eminence moisturizer (which I love) in order to get a pretty texture.  Needless to say, it’s not ideal.  When I tried Earth Cream I was shocked at how little I needed in order to even out my skin and cover imperfections.  It is light but substantial and allows my skin to breath.  I smooth it on with a stippling brush but you can apply with a sponge or your finger tips.  I find contouring blends easily on top of the cream.  I find that it gives me a matte look that looks very natural.  I typically like a more dewy look so I end up moisturizing right before I apply then add a layer of the Earth Cream.

Dusty Girls Tinted Earth Cream

This foundation is also capable of layering.  If you need extra coverage, you can apply a thin layer, allow to dry, then apply another layer.  I like a build-able foundation because most of us don’t always need tons of coverage-that’s more of a monthly issue.

I also love that this foundation comes in only 2 shades.  That makes it so easy to order online.  I get so put off when a company offers so many different foundation colors.  I got the light earth cream and find that it blends seamlessly with my skin.  Because it is so neutral, it blends with a broad variety of skin tones.  If you are nervous, you can request a free sample though!  Just for reference-I am way more tan then normal (thanks to that damn blow up pool my kiddos live in!) and this foundation really evens that out without changing my color dramatically.  I NEVER have to worry about a foundation line.

I find this foundation lasts all day, even playing with my girls and sweating in this sweltering summer heat!

Over all I ADORE this foundation.  It’s really a great product and I love that you can see every single ingredient that’s in the cream HERE.

Natural Mineral Blush:

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral BlushThe Natural Mineral Blush is a subtle, pretty pink.  It goes on so smooth and is easily blended for a natural look.  I got the color Pink Ladies which is a cooler shade recommended for lighter skin while the Golden Delicious is a more warm, coral that looks best on darker, warmer skin tones.

The blushes contain jojoba, vitamin E, macadamia and coconut oils-all nourishing and gentle!  Both blushes use the healthiest natural oils, oxides and micas.  There is no need for chemical preservatives or talc.

I hope my pics really give you a good idea how both these products look on the skin.  I feel like they naturally enhance skin’s natural tones, while still looking pretty but not over done.

Dusty Girls Blush and Earth CreamDid I mention these products are super affordable?  For such great quality natural make up, the price point is impressive.  Don’t worry about the shipping since it’s an Australian based company.  Seems like a shipment to the US is about $7 and it arrives very quickly I might add!

I should seriously be Dusty Girls spokesperson, geez!  I do not get a commission from selling this product just so you know, I just really love to share natural makeup/skin care when I find it!

xx, Jenni

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