How I’m Prepping for School & Covid-19

Back to School and Covid-19What a time we’re living in, right? We’re all in the same boat and while that sometimes feels comforting, it’s not the greatest boat! With media instilling so much fear in the people of this country, mandated masks being enforced and contradictory information feeling unsettled can be an understatement. I’m sure many of you moms are apprehensive about sending your kiddos back to school. I know I feel very torn. It seems to me that the large majority of people that contract Covid get through it easily some with way less symptoms than even the flu. But then there are the handful of people that have died and then the other handful of people that were hospitalized and are continuing to fight for regaining their health 3 months later. What determines which group you’ll be? No one seems to know. Many of us have compromised loved ones as well that would very likely fall prey to this virus as well. There’s no doubt about it, we’re in tough times. The only control we can grasp at is our own health and the health of our family. Instead of giving into worrying, I have been putting my energy into doing what I know to do to build our immunity. I’m doing a few things now to prepare all of us for the new school year and I thought I would share. As mother’s we need to feel like we are being proactive in the face of danger. So that being said, I wanted to share with you how I’m preparing now for the school season. 

Get Vitamin D from the Sun-

Get those kids outside! Whether it’s in a pool or even reading on the porch-they need to expose as much skin as they can for 20 minutes daily-and that’s minus the SPF. Vitamin D can not penetrate through SPF so if you’ve got a fair skinned child, you might gradually work their way up to 20 minutes. SPF defeats the purpose of being outside for the vitamin D. However, it does not defeat the purpose of getting fresh air…

Get Plenty of Fresh Air-

Fresh air is vital since we are expected to wear masks in public. I researched quite a bit on masks and am still on the fence but what I do know and will not be told otherwise, masks restrict air flow and breathing in your own CO2 for more then a short period of time is detrimental to your health. If your child must wear a mask to school, it is imperative that they get as many deep breaths of fresh air once they’re home. 

Load up on Sleep-

My youngest gets extremely over tired the first few months of school. I pay special attention to depositing as many extra hours into her sleep bank as I can. Getting adequate sleep can really help a body fight when exposed to an illness. If you need to take away electronics at a certain time I urge you to do it. I got my girls sound machines in an attempt to keep them in bed later in the morning and we keep the same bedtime throughout the year.

Crack Down on Sugar-

Sugar is a constant battle. In order to help my girls eat more healthy, I explain to them why we are limiting sugar and eating as many veggies and fruits as we can. I explain that sometimes we get sugar and when we do we eat it slowly and savor it. We enjoy the heck out of sugary treats and that’s ok but we can’t have too many in a week. They understand the reason why I say no all the time and it makes it less of a battle when they’re asking for desert. They know it’s fruit 6 days out of 7. One way to cut out sugar is to make a rule that we will not drink our sugar. We don’t do juices except for the daily juice I make them which is high on veggies and low on sugary fruits. They get to split a pop every Friday for dinner but that’s it. Just like me, they get a splurge time during the week. It gives us something to look forward to and it takes the edge off of the other nights. 


I’m still shouting Flourish Probiotic from the roof tops. Go HERE for the full post and you’ll understand. Flourish is actually a liquid probiotic that you drink making it so much more effective. I’ve seen great progress with my gut issues using this brand. I am an affiliate of the brand just so you know but have been on it for over a year-I don’t miss a day and my girls don’t either. They have a kids probiotic that tastes a bit sweeter but it is the same potency as the adult version. If you would like to try it, grab the kid version for your whole family. Find Flourish Junior HERE. That way your kids can get the benefit. They might not be able to do the adult version due to the taste. It’s not great. I don’t mind it but my husband and girls find the daily tablespoon a bit tough to swallow. 


I’m on to a few new supplements that I have just started giving the girls. I can’t speak much on the brand or their effectiveness but I did my research and feel good about what I chose. They are taking zinc, Vitamin D3 with B12 and Liposomal Vitamin C. These 3 supplements are vital for us all to take especially during flu season or covid season-ugh. I take THIS zinc, THIS D3 + K2 and occasionally take THIS vitamin C. 

Reduce Stress-

This is a silly one because no one welcomes stress and if we could control our stress levels we would but if there is anything you can omit, limit or add to your child’s life that will ease any frustration or worry for them, do it. It’s vital. You can be the healthiest person alive but still fall prey to illness if you are under stress. I believe this 1oo percent. 

I hope this post has been helpful. I’m talking to my girls about how important it is to keep their hands away from their face and to wash their hands as often as possible. I’m sick for the school kids that are required to wear masks and hand sanitizer on a constant basis is also troubling. The reality is, none of us have any control over this. While the media and politicians seems to be calling the shots the true reality is that God is in control and He is allowing all of this for a greater purpose. We must let go of our worry and focus on what’s good while building our faith in Him. 

xx, Jenni

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor do I claim to be qualified to do anything but share with you what I am personally doing for my family. I am a mom who researches, looks past what is being said on the media and am proactively taking charge of my health and the health of my children rather than leave wellness in the hands of someone who’s livelihood depends on me being unhealthy. My constant aim with this blog is to encourage you to take charge of your own health by living a healthy lifestyle.


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