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Thrive Market

How hard is to be healthy?  I think for many of us, we would answer that it is really hard!  One big deterrent from choosing organic food and beauty products is that it can be so expensive!  Personally I’m a budget girl.  I am not a spender and have a specific amount of money I spend on groceries each week.  As time has passed, I’m happy to say I’ve gotten increasingly healthier with my food choices.  At the same time, my budget had gone out the window.  Choosing organic meats, dairy and produce on top of organic snacks, toiletries and pet food was literally making a joke of my budget.  These days, things have changed and I don’t have an extra income to pad my healthy lifestyle so I had to find a new way.  I wasn’t willing to compromise on much of the items I buy and coupon cutting has never been my thing.  Luckily a fellow blogger turned me on to Thrive Market.  Lots of us healthy bloggers have discovered Thrive so I think that says a lot.

So what is Thrive Market?  Thrive Market is an online grocer that offers organic/natural products at a discounted cost-Like 30-50% discounted!  Think Sam’s Club, but totally natural.  You can find organic products like hair care, food, pet products, supplements and so much more!  I use my local grocer for organic produce, organic chicken and organic dairy products and Thrive supplements the rest.

So many emails that I get are from readers that are just plain overwhelmed with ditching toxic products and going green.  It’s daunting and when you start thinking of everything we consume, the list just goes on and on of the products you need to change.  It’s not as easy as switching to different brands for most of us-it’s a big change in cost.  The thing about Thrive is that you know the products Thrive Market carries are natural.  There’s no guess work.

Thrive Market’s discounts are even better then a lot of the deals Amazon Prime offers!  Where I find the most savings are on items like sunblock, hair care, body care and some snacks.  The savings are huge!  Just check out my chart below on what I find are the best deals for my family-

Thrive Market

Like most “clubs” that offer you discounted products, there is an annual fee but for me, it literally pays for itself in 2 mos. tops.  Thrive does offer 1 month free.  You will not be charged the annual fee until after your first month is over.  If you decide Thrive is not for you, you just cancel.  Also, if you sign up today, Thrive is offering 15% off your first order!!!!! Wow!  That’s huge when you are already saving 30-50% off each product!  You could totally stock up in your free month with such a good initial discount and then evaluate whether you should keep the membership or not.

For around $5 a month ($60 a year), you can have unlimited access to all of Thrive Market’s healthy products!  Go HERE to check out everything they offer as well as take advantage of 15% off your first order!  It’s really such a good deal and has totally gets my budget back on track!

xx, Jenni


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