The Clue App…. Get a Clue about your Cycle…

The Clue App

I recently discovered a MUST-HAVE App!  I’m not an app junkie.  In fact, I’m just not into cell-phones.  I’m the weirdo that forgets her phone in the car and doesn’t notice for 2 days!  So when I blog about an app, you’ll know it’s a good one!   Not long ago, I talked about THIS app.  It’s another must-have that has been so super helpful when buying skin care products.  Today, let’s talk about an app that takes the mystery out of your menstrual cycle.  I don’t know about you but after many, many years and 2 kids, I still am surprised every time aunt flow shows up!  I still have no clue why I’m snappy on certain days of the month or why I’m devouring anything sweet I can get my hands on other days!  It’s always after the crime that I realize, “Oh, that’s just my stupid period”.

The Clue App isn’t just a period tracker.  It allows you to enter in your emotional status, cravings, bathroom habits, sleep and much more!  It’s also track ovulation and can be handy when using the rhythm method.  It gives you a super easy visual of your month, preparing you for upcoming events like cravings, PMS and your period.  This app has literally changed how I view my cycle.

Get to know your
body. It’s not a clock.

Glance at your phone to know when your next period or PMS is coming. Clue uses an algorithm to calculate and predict your own unique cycle. The more you use Clue, the more accurate it gets. Clue includes educational material about the menstrual cycle, answering questions like: Is my cycle normal? When can I get pregnant? What is PMS?

-The Clue App

The clue app

When I first found this app I thought Clue was a weird name.  Like Clue should be the name of an app that helps you solve mysteries-like who murdered Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick??  Once I tracked a whole cycle, I realized how perfect the name is.  So many of us don’t have a clue about our bodies and how they work, or don’t work for that matter.  We are so consumed with jobs, kids and life, who has time to truly track their body?  Well, now we do and it’s about time we did.

This app is such an amazing tool for tuning into our body.  As I preach all the time, “No one has your health’s best interest but you”.  Not doctors, not your mother and not your friends.  We are in charge of our own bodies and should take the business of caring for our bodies extremely seriously.  I’m preaching this to myself too, by the way!

So in conclusion, whether you are trying to get pregnant or not get pregnant or just want to “clue” in to how your body works, this app is incredibly helpful!  Check out the app HERE.  It’s available for I-Phone  (I Watch too!) and Android.  I think you’ll find it just as useful as I did!

xx, Jenni

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