5 Tips on Surviving Cold/Flu Season without Doctors or Drugs…

Surviving Cold & Flu

As I was applying oils to my daughter’s ears the other day I got to thinking….  I really have figured out how to get through a winter without a doctor or a drug store.  Now granted, we’ve had nothing life threatening but we have had our fair share of bugs this winter.  Every time I turn around, one of my girls has caught another cold!  And I must admit-this is not a post about immune systems-I’m a candy-0holic.  I try really hard to keep it at a bare minimum but I’ve passed my love of sweets down to my girls.  Candy is truly evil when it comes to your immune system-so yeah, this post is not about prevention!  Of course, these are all kid-friendly and totally natural remedies.

  1. Vapor Rub-I feel like I preach about this DIY all the time but it truly saves the day.  It is a powerful decongestant and a lightening fast healer.  I find our noses get so painful and raw after even just a day of nose blowing.  This stuff soothes and heals within hours.  I also tend to rub this on my oldest daughter’s chest because she seems to get more of a cough from the chest then the stuffy nose I get.   It’s super easy to make too!  Find my easy vapor rub recipe HERE.
  2. Diffusers-Diffusers are a constant for us.  They are so helpful to use in a kid’s room that is suffering with coughing and congestion.  If one is sick and the other one isn’t, I always get a diffuser going in the healthy girl’s room of Shield Essential Oil Blend to protect her from germs.  So depending on who has what, I usually have different diffuser blends going in each of our rooms!  Find diffusers HERE.
  3. EarAche Essential Oil Blend- The other night I am awoken to my daughter crying and literally screaming.  It was one of those moments where I contemplating taking her to the emergency room!  She was having sharp pains and congestion in one ear and she was panicked.  I have had some experience with ear infections personally and found out the hard way that antibiotics can cause chronic ear infections.  The best defense is essential oils.  Not only are they anti fungal and antibacterial, they also help the ear drain and greatly relieve pain.  So, back to my daughter-I applied the oils and stayed up with her for a few minutes until she calmed down and was getting sleepy.  I applied again before leaving her to sleep.  I never heard another peep from her and she went to school on time the next morning.  I have more then 10 stories I could tell you that are just like this one.  Essential oils work for ear infections.  They will save yourself/child so much pain and misery plus you can avoid an antibiotic that will kill the infection but also kill your immunity and your gut.  Get the recipe for this oil blend plus more info. HERE.
  4. Activated Charcoal-This tip is for stomach bugs.  I wrote a post on this HERE.  Basically, activated charcoal absorbs whatever is in your stomach.  The moment you feel a stomach bug coming on or another family member starts throwing up, take activated charcoal.  It very likely could absorb the bug before it takes hold.  Kids can even take it so it’s helpful in protecting siblings.  I open a capsule and add it to my kid’s ice water.  It turns the water black but has no taste.
  5. Raw Honey & Warm Lemon Water-This is a yummy concoction that helps soothe sore throats.  It’s antibacterial and very healing and kids tend to suck it down!  Be sure to get un-processed raw honey.  Better yet, manuka honey is awesome but it has a really funny taste my girls hate.  To make, add 1 TBSP. of honey and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon (I sometimes use my Lemon essential oil!).  Top off with warm-hot water and drink!  For more tips on croup and coughs go HERE.

Tips for curing flu naturally

Let me throw in a little disclaimer here-I’m simply sharing what is working for my family.  As a mom I’ve learned to listen to my gut.  Having had 2 home births, zero vaccinations and maybe 2 well-baby checks since my daughter’s were born-I am truly on a narrow path.  I’m passionate about keeping drugs and any unnecessary medical intervention out of our lives so take my advice as you will and apply it to where you’re at with your life.  What’s right for us might not be right for you-I’m not a doctor, I’m just a mom who researches and likes to share!

xx, Jenni


Tips for curing colds and flus naturally

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