Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll

the benefits of drinking chlorophyll

So today we’re going to find out how to drink swamp water!  Just kidding, kind of.  Chlorophyll is an amazingly beneficial substance that is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  Not to mention, how pretty is that water?  I think carrying around emerald green chlorophyll water should be a new trend-like instead of tiny dogs, it’s green water!  No?  Ok well let’s dig into all the benefits of chlorophyll water.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is an antioxidant that is naturally produced by plants and algae.  It is what gives them their green color.  Chlorophyll is what plants need for photosynthesis, the process by which sunlight is converted into energy.  It has been called, “the building block of life”.

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

How Do Humans benefit from chlorophyll?  Well, this is where it gets exciting.  Basically it delivers oxygen to the blood.  At the risk of sounding dense, Oxygen=Life.  It’s that basic.  Without enough oxygen our cells die and this causes us to be susceptible to immune issues, toxicity, infections and even emotional distress.  Increased oxygen in our system can actually destroy harmful bacteria while preserving good bacteria.

Needless to say, proper breathing (breathing deeply) is extremely beneficial and the best way to oxygenate our bodies.  I don’t know about you but I have always struggled to breath deep. I was a flute player through out middle school, high school and college.  My flute teacher used to make me lay on the floor with an encyclopedia on my stomach.  I had to breath deep enough to move the book upwards.  Sound easy?  It wasn’t.  Learning to breath deep can be a challenge but it is the number one way to health.  Another great way to generate more oxygen is exercising.  As if we needed another reason to exercise!

Let’s circle back to the subject at hand, chlorophyll.  The most exciting benefit of chlorophyll is that it’s molecular structure is almost identical to that of hemoglobin, the substance our bodies use to build and transport red blood cells.  An abundance of healthy red blood cells means more oxygen is delivered and absorbed in the blood stream.  For those of you that like to geek out on scientific data THIS is a good read.

In this 2014 study, it concluded that chlorophyll helped with losing weight!

In this study, people taking chlorophyll saw improvement in acne and large pores after 3 weeks.

Chlorophyll Health benefits

Chlorophyll Benefits:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Encourages faster wound healing
  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Antimicrobial/antibacterial
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Alkalinizes the body
  • Promotes healthier skin
  • Aids in detoxification
  • Reduces skin cancer risk
  • Acts as an internal deodorant
  • Can freshen bad breath
  • Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K
  • Eases altitude sickness
  • Weight loss

Chlorophyll Benefits

I have no legit data to back this next statement up but wouldn’t it stand to reason that since chlorophyll captures light from plants in order to use it make oxygen, wouldn’t it do the same for us?  Wouldn’t it possibly help with using sunlight to our benefit?  I did read it protects the skin from burns and even skin cancer but like I said, I couldn’t find proof.   However, there is THIS study showing how diets high in leafy green veggies did not promote skin cancer from the sun.

Can we just pause at the fact that it is an internal deodorant?  For those of us struggling to find a safe deodorant that works, this is great news!  (btw-the most effective deodorant to date is my homemade recipe, at least for me)

How to Reap Chlorophyl Benefits Daily:

As you can see, drinking chlorophyll is a good idea.  It’s extremely easy to add to your regime.  I have THIS chlorophyll and drop at least 1 dropper full in my 30 oz. water bottle through out the day.  

According to World Organics, you should take 1 tbsp. a day.  It has next to no taste and don’t worry-it has never stained my teeth or lips.  I will tell you that I do taste it if I do 2 droppers in my water but I don’t mind the taste at all.

I have noticed improved energy, digestion and skin since I’ve been taking chlorophyll!  I highly recommend you give it a go!

A Few Other Easy Healthy Habits:

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Chlorophyll benefits


There are very few side effects that come with ingesting chlorophyll.  The main one is diarrhea but it is uncommon.  If you experience this, ease up-obviously.

So yeah, go get some chlorophyll!  It might just be the easiest thing you do for your health!  Oh and it can be used topically.  Check out my DIY Aloe Chlorophyll Cucumber Toner recipe!

xx, Jenni

P.S. Apparently drinking chlorophyll has gone viral on Tiktok making it very hard to find liquid chlorophyl. I’ve searched high and low for an alternative brand then what I have linked and everything is sold out! If you find a bottle at your local health food store I highly suggest grabbing it! I love this easy healthy habit and need to get my hands on more! Hopefully these tiktokkers will knock it off! Wow, I sound like I’m 90 years old. 


Chlorophyll benefits

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