This Year’s Halloween Moments….


Fall is my favorite season!  There’s just something about cold nights, fires in the fireplace, chili and piles of scary movies!  In case you don’t know, the name Jenni Raincloud was given to me by a friend due to my love of Halloween, scary movies and thunderstorms.  Funny enough, I didn’t really start this blog with the intentions of being a natural beauty blog!  I wasn’t sure what I was doing but wanted a place I could organize ideas and pretty things.  I say all that to say, I live up to my name this time every year!

I love decorating for fall.  It’s funny because over the years, my decor has changed quite a bit.  Before kids, I decorated with crosses, garlic, gravestones, black candles and black roses.  One year I did a New Orleans VooDoo theme complete with voodoo dolls and Spanish moss. Once kiddos came, I got more kid friendly with happy pumpkins and baby ghosts!  Now, I think I’ve found a happy medium.

I found the skulls at Ross but was so inspired by THIS Etsy listing.  I love the idea of finding a skull used in medical skull that you can take the head off and plant succulents in it!  I also am not a Harry Potter fan (yet), only because I never read the books or saw the movies but I love THIS DIY!  My banner was inspired by one of our favorite movies but when it was all said and done it lacked color so I added ribbon, felt balls, lights and snakes!p1260671

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august-banksAs I was snapping pics, I couldn’t resist sharing this cute one of Auggie.  He may be new to Halloween, but he’s totally into it! p1260690 p1260695 p1260701 p1260704 p1260721 p1260725I made this wreath a few years ago by gluing white puff balls all over a straw wreath.  Next, I spray painted the wreath green and then glued craft store eye balls.  p1260724

I’m getting ready to make some Halloween Popcorn and pop in Watcher in the Woods, our favorite “kid-friendly” scary movie!!!  For more inspiration check out my Halloween Pinterest Board!  Oh and I made you a Halloween mix on Spotify!  Go HERE to listen!

xx, Jenni


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