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Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time since I checked in on a personal note! I always like to post something personal in January because I am one of those that gains much momentum from a new year and this January has been no different! You could say 2020 was the most challenging year yet. I think most of us would agree on that. Covid has changed so much as well as taken away so much for many.

My family had a lot of stress due to other issues including a runaway contractor (and loss of money), the death of two beloved animals, my husband’s mystery illness (that thankfully finally passed), issues with work etc. However, as of the last 2 weeks, I feel as if I have emerged from the constraints of reoccurring, constant stress and the holidays. 

Much has shifted for this blog. 2020 was a year of many setbacks and unproductively due to discouragement. Unfortunately, sometimes things have to be torn down in order to build back and properly move forward. I’ve had a year of losing tons of traffic due to a glitch at Pinterest which led me to searching for jobs. That was a sobering reality that I have so far been able to avoid. I’ll spare you the shop talk but luckily everything is getting back on track. I’m renewed and inspired and the future looks promising.

Family life has been really amazing. Overnight my oldest turned into a young adult. I swear it was just yesterday that I was posting about diaper rash. Every seasoned parent ever tells newer parents to savor the moment because it goes so fast. Excuse the melancholy but they were right and I’m sad. I keep thinking of what trouble I sought out as a teenage girl who had no idea of the evil around me. That terrifies me! However, Sofie is turning into a smart young woman. She is following in my foot steps and taking flute this year. I’m pretty sure she’s interested in boys since she now curls her hair before school and wears perfume (non toxic of course!). My youngest is still 9 going on 5. She revels in being little. She never wants to grow up and continues to love on everyone with abandon. She got a fantastic teacher this year and is thriving without any mention of ADHD or dyslexia. I try to pray protection around them daily and thank God he trusted me and chose me to be there mother. 

Both girls have been in school full time since August. I’m thrilled for that. They go to a private school so the incentive to stay in school was much higher. No one wants to pay to teach their own child! 

Rodney and I continue to grow our marriage. He is truly a gift. I don’t always remember that but when I add it all up, I know I got really lucky that I didn’t continue on the single mom path like I wanted to. It’s true, I thrive single and was deeply contented. However, God knew we were better together and the girls needed more then I had to give. He also knew it would take a seriously handsome, animal loving and funny man to get me to consider adding a forth to our girl gang. I still say marriage is hard but somehow, every hiccup makes us better.

Healthwise, I have upped my game. I’ve continued juicing and made it a rule to no longer eat after dinner. I make exceptions to that rule on Monday nights (Bachelor) and sometimes Saturday night. I am still grain free and can happily say I’ve reduced my digestive discomfort almost completely. I’m currently working on limiting dairy and keep my sugar as low as I can go and still be happy. Exercise has still not fallen into place despite my work desk bike but my hopes are high that like eating, at some point doing the right thing will become a lifestyle choice and not a means to an end. 

Like everyone else, I’m lacking a social life. We see our parents often but other than that it’s just the four of us. I wish I had more to report on fun things we’re doing or at least good shows/movies we’ve watched but I really don’t! I’m still on the V.C. Andrews books and loving every one! There’s much to be entertained by when it comes to our animals. Covid was the best thing that ever happened to them. Rodney still works from home. Both of us have struggled but it’s getting easier to be productive and not get in each other’s way. Someone said to me the other day that I was getting a practice run on what retirement will be like! 

As far as resolutions for 2021, I have many as usual. In particular, I am working on being in the moment. I tend to rush through everything and not really enjoy what should be enjoyed. I’m trying to do this by being more present several times throughout the day. I try to become aware of and engage all 5 senses whether it’s taking a bath or watching a movie on the sofa. I want to continue to keep social media to a bare minimum. I have many goals with my Etsy shop and blog. Of course I want to focus most on my family and being the best I can be for them. 

Not much excitement in my neck of the woods but I’m greatly anticipating spring and summer. I thank you for sticking with me. My dream is to grow this community of DIYers and natural beauty enthusiast so that we can educate and support each other. Your comments and emails mean so much to me so don’t hesitate to reach out! [email protected]

It has been an odd year to say the least. I just wrote a post on my top 5 most shared DIYs of 2020 and was surprised to see what came out on top and what wasn’t even a blip on the radar! Despite the homeschooling and husband being home, I did manage to crank out quite a few DIYs that might be some of my favorites. Stay tuned for that post. 

HUGS, Jenni

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