DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum!

DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye StickMany of you are familiar with my Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick recipe.  It was my most popular post in 2013 and might get that title for 2014 as well!  I ended up selling them in my Etsy shop and constantly sold out!  In my opinion-this is the best DIY eye treatment I have ever found or made. However, I wanted to see if I could make it even more effective, easier to make yet just as popular as the original. This new & improved DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum has truly rivaled the first.

This is personally my most used DIY. I keep it by my bed and use it nightly.  I absolutely love it.  My skin responds well to it and I believe it keeps those pesky under eye wrinkles at bay.  I use it in between my brows (where my wrinkles are most prominent, thanks to my furrowed brow expression that I’ve had since a child and passed on to my youngest, ugh!)  I also swipe it across my laugh lines because luckily I laugh as often as I scowl!

That being said… I have had to take this lovely DIY out of my Etsy shop for the summer due to it’s balm like consistency.  It would melt in transit and I didn’t want to take a chance on sacrificing quality.   I decided it was time to change the consistency and also change the formula to reflect the new things I have learned this year.

This is a very easy DIY and there are no worries of bacteria or contamination because this recipe contains no water.  I added the incredibly effective rosehip seed oil, pomegranate oil, sea buckthorn as well as evening primrose oil. All four oils are incredible anti aging ingredients. 

DIY Eye Serum Ingredients:

Rosehip Seed Oil, as we know from above is one of the best anti aging oils. It is proven to reduce the signs of aging as well as rejuvenate delicate skin. It has been known to reduce scaring and lighten age spots.

Evening Primrose Oil is an excellent choice for an eye treatment because it is known to even discoloration in the skin including dark circles.  It is rich in omega fatty acids which helps slow down the aging process by nourishing the delicate skin that is so prone to “crows feet”.  Evening Primrose is known to give the skin a tightened appearance as well as rejuvenate the skin.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is an excellent oil for delicate, aging skin. This deeply penetrating oil has a high content of Vitamin C and helps protect and restore collagen. It improves elasticity and tone of the skin. It is high in antioxidants which helps improve the overall appearance of wrinkles.

Sea Buckthorn Oil is truly a nutrient dense oil that is highly effective in reducing the signs of aging. It contains vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B5, B9 (folic acid), B12, D, K & P. In fact, it contains 12x more Vitamin C than an orange! It also contains over 24 minerals and 18 amino acids. It is highly moisturizing, regenerates the outer layer of skin cells and contains 60 free radical fighting antioxidants!

I omitted beeswax because we don’t need it to harden the liquid and it really is not needed for this eye treatment.  I also omitted coconut oil because I don’t feel like this oil is good enough for an eye treatment.  I started to feel like it was more of a “filler” ingredient.

Of course I kept carrot seed essential oil and lavender because they are just fabulous for the skin, especially the delicate eye tissue.  Carrot seed oil in this recipe makes this eye stick so much more effective!  Carrot seed oil is probably my favorite anti aging essential oil!  You can read more about that HERE.

Now that the DIY eye serum is more of a liquid consistency it works perfect in a roller bottle.  Over the last couple of months I have experimented with the roller bottle and the consistency of the eye stick and find the application is even smoother and gentler then the balm!  

DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick

DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Serum

1 TBSP. Sweet Almond Oil (find it HERE)

1 TBSP. Rosehip Seed Oil (find it HERE)

2 tsp. Pomegranate Seed Oil (find it HERE)

1 tsp. Evening Primrose Oil (find it HERE)

1/2 tsp. Vitamin E oil (find it HERE)

1/4 tsp. Sea Buckthorn Oil (find it HERE)

6 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil (find it HERE)

12 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. Using a small funnel or a large dropper, add your mixture into roll on bottles.

Find roll on bottles with metal ball HERE.  I love the metal ball with this treatment because it glides so smoothly across delicate skin.

Homemade Eye Treatment

This recipe will make about 6-7 roll ons.   Since there are no worries about bacteria, these would be great to give to friends and family!  They are so nourishing and moisturizing for anyone. Very little is needed.  If you use too much, your skin will not absorb it.  Plus, it’s so pure and potent, you only need a tiny amount. Less is more!!

If you’d prefer to buy this DIY, find it HERE.

anti wrinkle eye stick

xx, Jenni

Your DIY products are only as good as the ingredients you use. 

Mountain Rose Herbs is always a good idea when it comes to carrier oils & essential oils.  I have linked them in my recipe so you can easily find what you are looking for.  The majority of their ingredients are organic and the highest quality available!



DIY Anti Wrinkle Eye Stick


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