5 Minute Summer Makeup Tutorial…

I’m a minimalist, that’s for sure.  I tend to take very little time on my hair and makeup.  It’s important to me that my products do double-duty and are “fool-proof”.  In this tutorial, I am using only 6 products, 2 of which are DIYs.  The products I’m using are my favorite that I 100% would suggest for anybody!  I wanted to give you a tutorial on my everyday makeup routine that I think looks a bit done up, but it’s so quick and easy!

5 minute makeup tutorial

First off, let’s talk products….

My all time favorite foundation is Dusty Girls Earth Cream.  You know when you are talking with a beautiful woman but all you can see is how cakey her makeup looks?  It makes me wonder if she has 400 layers of foundation on or is it the brand?  I’ve had to layer this foundation during bad skin days and found good coverage without the thick, pasty finish.  It’s just the best.  I really don’t want to try out any others!  As you can see, this foundation looks so natural and fresh.  Read my full review on earth cream HERE.

DIY Highlighter-This has turned into one of my favorite makeup products!  It’s easy to make and gives a nice glow!  I applied it to my cheekbones, brow bones, above the lip, in the middle of the bottom lip after my lip color and in the inner corners of my eyes.  It’s totally natural and better then a many popular highlighters that are full of questionable ingredients.  Did I mention it’s only made with 3 ingredients?!

The Tartlette palette by tarte is one of my favorites.  The older I get, the less likely it is that I’ll wear a shimmering shadow.  Matte is subdued yet so pretty.  This palette has so many doable colors that I can create many different looks as well as fill in my brows!

Inner Rim Highlighter is an optional step but I like to use it because I’m into doing anything that makes me look healthy and awake!  This little stick does a lot for the eyes and is worth the extra time it takes to line the inner rim of my eyes.

The mascara I’m using is Pacifica’s new Dream Big mascara that has an adjustable brush.  One option is for long lashes and one is for thick lashes.  It wears well and is natural.  My only complaint is that for my lashes, I always have to do 2 coats.  The key to this look is black lashes.  I also curl mine to give the eye a lift.

My cream blush and lip stain is another recipe (very similar to the highlighter) that I love.  Applying it to the cheeks helps avoid looking washed out.  Because it’s a “stain”, my lips don’t look over done.  Plus, I like that it gives a matte finish on lips which is so IN right now!

5 minute makeup tutorial

This tutorial is pretty easy to re create by looking at the pics but I will say a couple of words about eye shadow.  I typically apply a cream colored shadow all over the lid then I like to shadow just above the crease.  Go HERE for more in depth tutorial on how I apply eye shadow.



This makeup look literally takes me 5 minutes tops!  Of course you can skip the highlighter and rim liner to save even more time but I feel like they both give such a radiant and healthy look!

xx, Jenni


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