Swap It Out!! Tarte vs. 100 Percent Pure

100% Pure vs. Tarte

In case you missed it, I have switched from using Tarte Cosmetics to using 100 Percent Pure.  Upon research and a couple of readers urging me to think twice before encouraging Tarte as my makeup brand of choice, I found that Tarte is not as clean and natural as I prefer.  In fact, many of us have fallen victim to “green washing“.  This is where a product line claims to be natural by marketing tactics like wording and packaging but is actually not as natural as they claim.  In the process I discovered 100 Percent Pure and have never looked back.  I can honestly say, 100% Pure’s products are not only comparable to Tarte, they are 10x better!  I’ve compiled a list of popular tarte items that I once encouraged and used and have found the 100% Pure products that are very similar yet safer.

Primer-I used to love Tarte’s primer.  In fact, it was one of my top favorite products of 2014.  I have not personally tried 100 Percent Pure’s primer but I have talked to several women that have, as well as read review upon review all raving of how wonderful it is.  

Lip & Cheek Stain-I did not use tarte’s lip/cheek stain on a daily basis but I did own a couple of colors and used them on occasion.  Unfortunately, tarte claims to be cruelty free yet this product contains crushed beetle shells.  100 Percent Pure’s Lip Tint is a much safer alternative using fruit for pigment.  100 Percent Pure has many colors and I love that they look great on the cheeks and the lips!  

Brows-I have used several brow products from Tarte.  I’ve used other un-safe brands as well and I must say, 100 Percent Pure’s Long Last Brows is simply the best.  It comes with a free brush that makes application super easy.  If you are daunted by not using a pencil, I encourage you to try this method out.  It could not be easier to apply and looks way more natural.  This method gives you more control over whatever look you are trying to achieve. 

Eyeshadow palettes-I’ve used several tarte palettes including their matte shadows as well as a shimmery one.  100% Pure has around 5 different palettes.  I have THIS one.  I use the blush, highlighter and shadows.  It’s a space saver and I find that each powder lasts way longer then Tarte’s.  I also find that the pigment in 100% Pure’s palette is very prominent and it takes less product to create a look.  

Mascara-Mascara is one of the hardest products to find.  I’ve tried many natural mascaras and they almost always leave me looking like a raccoon or don’t look thick enough.  Tarte’s mascara’s are amazing but I found that they use propylene glycol in all their mascaras.  This is a deal breaker.  I apply mascara almost everyday so switching to a safer mascara is an absolute must.  I really love 100 Percent Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara.  I was actually shocked it is so good.  It doesn’t smudge and it lasts.  I do apply 2 coats to get a thicker, longer look that I’m used to with Tarte but it’s a small price to pay to have found a propylene glycol free mascara.  

Lip Stick-While tarte’s lipsticks come in the prettiest packaging, they don’t last.  I’m reapplying constantly and their formulation is not natural.  100 Percent Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze lasts way longer.  They feel good on the lips and are natural.  

Lip Gloss-I have loads of tarte lip glosses-I like some and not others.  I don’t have any 100 Percent Pure lip glosses but like the face primer, I have heard many good things and read several reviews that THIS is the best and an awesome color.  Lip gloss is important to switch out (to save money I made my own, but will try this one soon) because we apply it over and over through out the day.  100 Percent Pure offers so many colors that all have raving reviews.  

100% Pure

I hope this makes it easier for you to choose safer makeup.  Most of us wear makeup daily and are getting 100s of harmful chemicals wreaking havoc.  This can’t be-especially when there is 100% Pure!  They offer great deals and often free gifts with purchase! Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter-I always list weekly deals so you don’t miss out!

Before I knew how toxic makeup could be, I used many different product lines.  I can honestly say, in terms of colors, performance and packaging-100 Percent Pure is at the top of my list!  Find my full review of all the 100 Percent Pure products I own HERE.


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Shop 100 Percent Pure HERE.

xx, Jenni


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