The 5 Best Natural DIY Face Masks for Summer

the 5 Best DIY masks for summer

Summer is well under way and my skin is letting me know.  I thought it would be fun to share 5 of my favorite natural DIY face masks that are perfect for reviving dry, sun damaged skin usually due to heat, sun and sweat that go hand and hand with summer!  

I love making my own DIY masks.  First off, they’re as fresh as it gets.  Second, they’re as natural as it gets!  Many items in your kitchen are actually extremely beneficial for your skin and can restore moisture, brightness and smoothness with just one time of using!  Let’s get right into it!

  1. Probiotic Spirulina Mask

I love making this mask.  I absolutely love putting yogurt on my face.  It’s cold and creamy and not only will hydrate, it will also gently exfoliate.  I added bright green spirulina powder because it is HIGH HIGH HIGH in antioxidants, is amazing at de puffing and very detoxing! Bentonite clay is added to pull out impurities.  This masks hits a lot of skin issues and is safe for every skin type!  

Get the full recipe HERE.

Summer DIY Masks2. The Dirt Magnet Mask

This is one of my most popular DIYs.  Everyone loves activated charcoal.  Maybe it’s because it absorbs the impurities in the pores?  That could be it.  It’s powerful and when paired with french green clay those dirty pores don’t stand a chance!  

Find the full recipe HERE.

Activated Charocoal and Clay Detox Mask

3. Kaolin Clay, Aloe & Vitamin C Mask

Kaolin clay is one of the most gentle clays you can use that will still detox the pores.  I added organic aloe vera gel to soothe, reduce inflammation and hydrate and threw in a pinch of Vitamin C to brighten and restore.  

Find the full recipe HERE.Kaolin Clay DIY Mask

4. The Argan Yogurt Tightening Mask

Here is another DIY mask I use yogurt to renew the skin’s beauty.  I also used argan oil known to smooth and soften the skin.  Splash it with rose water and you’ve got one luxurious mask that your skin will drink up!  

Find the full post HERE.

5. Chamomile & Oatmeal Dry Mask for Sensitive Skin

This mask is actually a dry mask where you combine all your dry ingredients such as kaolin clay, chamomile and oatmeal and store in an airtight jar.  Add any liquid such as aloe, a floral water (hydrosol) or even just water to a tablespoon of powder and apply to the skin.  Store the rest of the powder until needed again.  It’s a great way to save time.  This mask is amazing for calming skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.  It’s soothing, anti inflammatory and hydrating.  

Find the full recipe HERE.Sensitive Skin DIY Mask

DIY face masks are a fun and easy way to care for your skin and take control of your skin care.  You are in control of the ingredients you are allowing on your largest detoxing organ!  

If you’re budget is tight-no worries!  Ingredients like raw honey, bananas, avocados, aloe vera, yogurt etc. can do wonders for your skin all while keeping money in your pocket and the non natural ingredients at bay!  

For more DIY face masks go HERE for my complete list of skin care DIYs organized by product!

xx, Jenni


P.S.  Natural DIY face masks are a fun way to get your girlfriends together for a girls night!  Splurge for some homemade cocktails and DIY facials is a fun way to encourage your friends to clean up their skin care routine too!

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