Essential Oil Must for Vacations…

Essential Oils for Travel

I just got back from vacation and I’ve been dieing to get to the computer to write this post!  I go on and on about essential oils and all they can do, right?  The truth is, essential oils for travel might just save your entire trip, much less the day! 

Hang on to your pants, this post is going to convince you of the power of these little bottles, especially on vacation!

Picture this, I’m rush, rush rushing out the door so we can get to the lake before lunch.  Kids are in the car, husbands in the car, dogs in the car and I’m still in the house panicking over what I might be forgetting.  Oh the woes of a mother.  Anyway, normally I would have packed a little bag of essential oils but for some reason I just didn’t. 

I guess I was in the mode of packing super light due to my youngest not needing tons of baby equipment anymore.  So as I was flying around the house, I see my bottle of lavender next to the diffuser.  I grab it.  Call it mother’s intuition, call it whatever but thank God I did.

We get to the lake, get settled in for the girl’s naps and my oldest starts to sob from ear pain.  Mind you, she’s never had an ear ache.  My youngest has and thanks to Camp Wander I had my “world’s best ear ache blend”  all made up and sitting next to the coffee maker, at home… Insert terrified smiley face. 

Knowing that the mix contained basil, lavender and tea tree, I grabbed my lavender, rubbed it in and around her ear and hoped for the best.  She continued to cry on and off for another hour, but once the nap was over she was gearing to go.  Not one complaint of an ear ache from that point on.  LAVENDER!

Fast forward to 3am that same night/day.  I wake up with one eye gooped shut.  Uh……?????  

According to my husband’s phone-because I couldn’t see, I had pink eye.  I haven’t had pink eye since I was young and therefore never knew of an oil protocol. 

According to the info. on the phone, lavender and tea tree were what I needed.  Well, once again, lavender would have to do.  I applied lavender to the bones around my eye socket and went back to sleep. 

The next morning my eye was glued shut even more!  Once I washed it out, I was horrified at how swollen and red it looked. I added more lavender around my eye socket bone once I washed my face and hoped my sunglasses would cover the ridiculousness that was my eye.

I kid you not-within 2 hours-my eye was back to normal.  Pink eye was outta here!

So the moral of this story is-never travel without your bottle of lavender.  It seriously saved our vacation.  We would have had to go  back home if Sofie had had an ear infection and/or I (and anyone who came in contact with me) would have had to suffer through the grossness that is pink eye.

Lavender essential oil worked on pink eye because it is anti fungal, antibacterial, antiviral and an anti inflammatory.  Pink Eye can be a viral or a bacterial infection and can also be caused by allergies.

I have used lavender on my youngest daughter when she had a blocked tear duct.  I found that because lavender will encourage draining, it can unblock tear ducts and save a baby from going through tear duct surgery.  It worked wonders on Heidi and it worked wonders on my eye.

Lavender essential oil comes in handy for many other issues that can arise while away from home.  Many times all it takes is a swipe of lavender to get you back on your feet again.  I always say “when in doubt, use the lavender”.

Essential Oils for Travel


Lavender Essential Oil for Travel:

  • Poison Ivy
  • Sunburn
  • Cuts/bruises
  • Fever
  • Stomach aches/nausea
  • Ear aches
  • Nose bleeds
  • Insect bites
  • Yeast infections
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Cold sores
  • Allergies
  • Sleeplessness
  • Head aches
  • Cramps
  • Stress

From the list above, you can see-lavender can remedy a number of vacation related ailments. Ideally, essential oils for travel should include peppermint, shield blend and tea tree but lavender is the absolute must!!

Find my favorite certified organic lavender essential oil HERE.

Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

xx, Jenni



Essential Oils for Travel

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