Life Lately-Summer Edition…

Life Lately Summer Edition

So the last time I posted a personal post I talked about forgiveness.  Oh wow.  It’s not something I’ve conquered but I’m still making a conscious decision to ACCEPT.  Since then so much has clicked into place!  I’m seriously on cloud 9 and I really mean it-no brave front here-I have finally reached the end of this God forsaken tunnel called divorce.  So for all of you in the tunnel-I’m out! Keep pushing cause there is light!

First off, don’t you just love summer?  By day it’s stinky swimsuits and towels everywhere and sleeping in almost every morning!  By night it’s sleeping bags, movies and popcorn!  It’s literally one big party!  I’m taking this all in-really living in the moment because my girls are growing up fast.  I know all to well the sadness that will set in when I wave goodbye to both of them for their first days of school.  I just want to freeze time at this age.  They are 4 and 7 and I know they’ll never love me more then they do now.  They never get enough of mommy time and are watching every move I make while they figure out who they will become.  I just never want to take a minute for granted because this is a good season.


Back in early spring I got really sick of going to the gym.  So I just stopped and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Once summer hit, I knew I needed to pay more attention to my body not only for the dreaded swimsuit but also for health reasons.  Due to a couple of friends suggesting I try a spin class, I reluctantly went.  The first class was pure hell.  I had no idea what I was doing and could barely keep up.  As each class passed, I started pushing more, working more and going faster.  My mind started getting in the zone.  You know when you are sweating like a dog and you start hearing a Nike commercial in your head?  You get that drive to keep fighting even though your body wants to quit.  That’s what happens every spin class.  I’m obsessed.  I realized God allowed a lot of painful things to happen this last year but He’s seen me through it.  He’s shaped my testimony and made me strong.  It just feels so natural that my body be strong along with my spirit.  I urge anyone going through a struggle to work it out by finding some sort of strenuous exercise.  It’s better then therapy-I swear.  Sweat that sh*# out!

In other news, I have had a surge of local interest in my 4-piece skin care set which has been so exciting!  I’ve been busy making product and meeting new people!  I’ve actually even had a couple girl nights that don’t include kids!  I’ve also switched up my vitamins and smoothies.  I’m trying Plexus.  Plexus is a vitamin company that has some amazing products that are plant based, non GMO and natural.  Many of the products target gut health which if you’ve been around you know-I’m all about a healthy gut!  Once I get a little more experience with a couple Plexus products, I’ll do an honest review.  Much of their products are to aid weight loss naturally so give me a month and we’ll see what happens!  As for the smoothies-I’ve doubled up.  I’m pushing to get as many veggies as I can and it’s so easy to throw spinach, an apple, cinnamon and water in the blender for a quick boost of nutrition that’s low in calories.  Plus, I’m still into the collagen powder and if you haven’t tried it and are looking for a protein boost-2 scoops has 18 grams of protein!!

Max Rosie

In kitty news, my black babies are driving me nuts!  I have cat doors so they get to come and go as they please but they literally have run a muck.  I tried to do away with the cat doors to keep them from bringing me “dinner” a.k.a snakes, mice and lizards but they freaked out and wouldn’t come inside and it’s a balmy 95 degrees most days!  Max, my hunk of a man-cat takes his job as my male companion very seriously.  Rosie also takes her job very seriously and that job is chasing defenseless wildlife all over the backyard!

I know so many of you are going through huge upheavals in your life that are threatening to take you down.  I just want to encourage you to FIGHT.  Don’t lose yourself in the trials.  “What Satan meant for evil, God uses for good”.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I love feedback and comments so write in below!  Commenting on posts is truly the best way to contact me.  I’m a total loser at responding to emails and FB messages-I’m working on it but they get piled up and I get overwhelmed easily!

Off to watch more of “shark week” with my 7 year old.  We’re in it to win it.

Big Hugs, Jenni


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