Team Edward Lip Stain……..Plus A SECRET Lip Plumping Bonus!

Team Edward Plumping Lip StainAnother rainy day on the edge of fall weather and I am indulging in a Twilight marathon and making lip balms!  I LOVE Twilight, as I have mentioned before so why not dedicate a lip balm recipe to one of the loveliest vampires Hollywood has to offer!  As an added bonus, I’ve added a SECRET ingredients which will plump up those lips!  I say the bigger the better when it comes to lips!

First, the Lip Plumping Secret Ingredient:

There are lots of “lip plumpers” on the market right now that boast of a magical concoction making your lips look like you’ve injected collagen.  Did you know that the secret ingredient in those is cayenne pepper and/or cinnamon?  Basically the spiciness irritates your lips so they swell as a defense mechanism. 

So, why not make your own?  If you’ve been following my posts, you are a pro at making salves, so why not add in some cinnamon for that plumped up look? 

The great thing about this recipe is that while you are irritating your lips, you are also nourishing them with shea butter and olive oil as well.  Luckily, the two actions don’t cancel each other out!

I use Mica Powder to color the lip balm.  It is a natural mineral found in rocks.  When it is ground it has a shimmer.  It is in all mineral make up and is actually beneficial to your skin.  I have linked the word MICA in the recipe to Amazon where I found mine.

Team Edward Lip Stain

Team Edward DIY Plumping Lip Stain

1 TBSP Olive Oil (find it HERE)1 tsp. Shea Butter (find it HERE)1 tsp. Beeswax (find it HERE)3 drops Cinnamon essential oil (find it HERE)2 drops Scotch Pine essential oil (find it HERE)
1/4 tsp pink or red mica powder (find it HERE)


  1. Fill a medium sized pot half way full with water and place a glass bowl with a spout insde the pot.
  2. Mix all ingredients minus the Essential oils in your “double boiler”.
  3. Once beeswax is melted remove from heat and quickly add essential oils.
  4. Pour into your container!

**This recipe makes 1 oz.**

Now go watch Twilight!

xx, Jenni


DIY Plumping Tinted Lip Balm

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