Can We Talk Mom Rules?

Can we talk mom rules?

I ran across an article on Facebook the other day and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.  It made me so sad yet it solidified my calling to this blog.  This article was written by a mom who was sick and tired of all the rules us moms are pressured to follow.  Rules like what we feed our kids, what laundry detergent, sunblock, shampoo and even medications we choose.  She honed in on sunblock she had bought before a trip before seeing it on a list of toxic sunblocks. She did not have the time to take it back and did not want to waste the money but yet felt immense guilt for using it.  Go HERE to read the full article and the many, many comments of moms cheering her on for her honest post.

This mom was worn out, stretched too thin and overwhelmed which I think ALL of us moms can identify with.  I know I can.  And that’s what got me-most of us mom’s are just trying to do what’s best for our families.  Most of us mom’s would take a bullet for our kids!  Never would we knowingly hurt our family on purpose!  The thing is, it’s easy to ignore the problem.  It’s hard to wrap our heads around the horrifying fact that cleaning products, skin care, makeup, and food we buy are causing cancer and other deadly diseases.  We aren’t lazy or careless, but DANG IT-there are so many land mines with everything involving our kids and even ourselves!  It makes me so sad that we live in a time where we have been so fooled.  Our grocery stores are 80% full of harmful food and products and the 20% that is safe, is stupid expensive!

Sometimes I can lose site of what my purpose is for Jenni Raincloud.  Sometimes I get so focused on cranking out at least 2 posts a week that I forget that it’s not about just me and making a living.  It’s hugely about helping people navigate through this confusing time.  It’s about shining a light on how we are all getting duped by multi-million dollar companies selling less then quality, safe products.  It’s about sharing affordable alternatives that are safe.  It’s about taking the ultimate control back and making our own beauty products so we know that each ingredient is safe for our skin and our family’s skin.

I’m not one to focus on the negative.  It would be wrong not to mention the silver lining.  Just in the 4 short years that I’ve been blogging, thousands of safe and natural companies have emerged.  I mean, just look at your local Target, for example.  They have a whole row of natural beauty products now.  Organic options are many.  I have no issue making safe decisions and not breaking the bank and I could not say that a few years ago.

I think converting every product to a safe natural product is so incredibly overwhelming and let me say-it doesn’t usually happen overnight.  It’s a process.  With the help of blogs like mine, the convenience of Amazon Prime and safer products becoming more mainstream, this process is getting easier.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you feel shamed?  Do you feel overwhelmed?  I compiled a list of products with links I use that include everything from toothpaste, laundry detergent to makeup and skin care.  Go HERE for that list.

I pray this blog is useful to you.  I love sharing my health journey with you and never do I feel or want to give you the impression that I make perfect decisions all the time.  However, I take delivering the truth very seriously and really aim with each post to be helpful.  I really want to make your health journey easier.  Ultimately, I want to use Jenni Raincloud for God’s glory and His purpose and I truly hurt for moms that feel the way this women does.

Hugs, Jenni


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