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It’s an unseasonably cold and dreary Monday morning as I sit writing this post contemplating how to put into words what has happened the last few months.  I’ve been completely disconnected from this blog and feel hopeful I still have at least a small community out there still interested in future posts.  So if you are still out there, I have some explaining to do….

I have been pretty transparent about my personal life and happy to share not just my highlight reel but also the sad and scary moments after my X left 3 years ago.   Go HERE for those posts.  I wanted to reach out and connect to anyone who was going through something similar.  There is power in knowing you are not alone.  No one is immune to being left high and dry.

Over the past few years I have picked up the pieces, stepped up to provide financially, stood on my own as a parent and learned to forgive and forget.  Abruptly becoming single was a huge challenge but I rose to the occasion and I’m proud of that.  Life fell back into place and I felt complete being single.  God enriched my life with new friendships, new activities and a renewed sense of self.

I met someone in August of last year and it became almost immediately apparent that we were meant to be together.  I quickly knew I wanted this man in my life in any capacity he’d come.  We both were happy single but bonded so quickly that I knew it was going to be more then a friendship.  Every moment was a green light to move to the next.  God orchestrated everything about our union and blessed us with a love I’ve never known.  I can honestly say, no man besides my dad has loved me so deeply, so quickly.

We got married this last Saturday in my backyard among our family and our church group who are responsible for hounding us until we finally decided to give each other a chance!  It was simple yet perfect.  A close friend officiated since he and his wife have been so invested in mine and my girl’s lives.  Our guests brought the food and cake, my mother made bouquets and flower arrangements and I did what I do best which is light a ton of candles and make things pretty. It was easy and painless and from it came a union that is stronger in these early days then any other relationships past that lasted many more years.

My girls were in on our relationship from before it began because we are in the same church group so it was natural when he began to come over to keep them involved and privy to what was happening.  They adore him as he does them.  We hope that our relationship will reset the example when it is their time to choose a mate.  I couldn’t be more comfortable adding him to our threesome.  As a single parent, navigating through the dating world can be extremely treacherous.  This situation was completely seamless-Thank God.

So back to today.  I sit here feeling relieved it’s all done but so happy for what’s to come.  I never dreamed I would remarry.  God blessed me beyond belief in my divorce and fulfilled me with peace and happiness.  I used to say that I may not be lucky in love but I certainly am lucky in divorce!  Meeting Rodney was a complete surprise and so beyond any tucked away hopes of a love story for myself.  He makes me laugh until my eyes water, the butterflies are rampant and above all, I trust him.

Thank you for being so patient with me and my random here and there posts the last few months.  I have felt like I’ve been in la la land with no direction or true purpose.  I’m so ready to dig into a new life and come back to the things that make me happy which is this blog.

There is life after divorce but I truly believe you have to find contentment in yourself and being alone before you can move forward in another relationship.  There is no greater gift you can give yourself then to find happiness alone.  I so often stop the hustle of everyday life to get outside and get lost in what God has provided.  Even if it’s the little things-those things add up!!!  What you focus on grows.

I don’t have all of our photographer’s pictures of the wedding yet but if anyone is interested I would love to post those when I get them!

HUGS, Jenni

photo credits: Ashley Sunderland


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