My Favorite Summer Beauty Tip…

My Favorite Summer Tip

This post might seem like a no-brainer but up until a few months ago I was seriously neglecting my upper chest, or as the french say, decolletage.  Let me make something clear, this isn’t a post about boobs.   I’m talking about the shoulders, collar bones, and upper chest area.  I guess you could say it’s a post about cleavage, but totally not the push-up bra, get those puppies up to your neck type of cleavage.  So often this skin is exposed to the sun as often as the hands and face but we forget to take care of it.  Nothing tells a women’s habits and age quite like the chest.   Have you ever noticed someone who has healthy facial skin then when you pan down to the chest there is sun damage, saggyness and just an overall look of oldness?  Yeah, that was actually me.  I never really noticed it until I started taking selfies of my outfits last year.  I couldn’t believe how old my chest looked!  It was then that it dawned on me it was time to start treating my chest like I treat my face.

Think about it, if you’re like me (or at least like I was), when you get sun you know enough to at least protect your face.  Maybe you’ve hit your 30’s and the sun damage has started to become more visible.   You search for make up with the highest SPF and rarely open the sun roof, right?   Well, you might also really enjoy nice tan shoulders and a nice tan upper chest, I mean, it totally makes saggy mom boobs look so much better!  How many times have I gotten too much sun on my chest in pursuit of that bronzed look?  Countless times.  It’s really dawned on me that I have some serious catching up to do in this area and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone…

We all probably know to extend our facial care to our neck.  Whether we do it or not isn’t relevant-it’s just a given to pay attention to the neck.  Since it didn’t occur to me to extend all my facial to my chest, I just wanted to do this quicky post to map out how you can start including this body part in your daily skin care routine!

6 Tips for a Gorgeous Decolletage!

Tip #1   Exfoliate the chest 2-4 times a week.  Use something gentle that is specifically for the skin not the body or make your own.  I use THIS exfoliator.  The skin on the chest is thin and delicate just like the face and should only be gently exfoliated.  I also like THIS exfoliator that you leave on the skin then rinse off after 10 minutes.

Tip #2    If you have sun damage, use a serum to help fade brown spots.  I blogged about THIS product and absolutely suggest it.  Find that post HERE.  I also blogged about THIS DIY serum that can help as well.  Choose one and use daily.

Tip #3    Always moisturize the chest area.  If you do nothing else from this post, DO THIS.  This is big bang for your buck!  My favorite is THIS moisturizer which I reviewed HERE.  I moisturize my chest morning and night and have seen a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of my skin.  Really, any anti aging moisturizer will be well received, just do it on a regular basis.

Tip #4    Invest in a HIGH SPF (at least 30) and use it no matter what.  You will still get some color even with a high SPF, you just won’t get the burn.  One alternative to make sure you always have SPF is to find a moisturizer with a built in SPF.  I really like the brand Coola.  I have used THIS moisturizer and will actually re-purchase it for the summer to use as my day moisturizer.  (I’ll continue to use THIS moisturizer at night)

Tip #5    Don’t forget to mask!  Run a bath and mask that chest.  Trust me, it needs it and will look so much smoother and healthier once you get in this habit.  Currently I am using THESE masks on my face and chest.  I rotate all 4 of them-1 a week!

Tip #6    A little bronzer and highlighter never hurt anyone!

I hope this tip was helpful.  It certainly was something I hadn’t really considered until I started looking at my Instagram pics and noticed such a difference in my chest compared to my face!  Also, don’t forget the hands too-they are exposed to the sun and elements just as much as the face.  It’s such a good practice to start preserving these areas because they are the first to go.  If you are in your 20’s and reading this-Get serious about protecting your skin-those ugly brown spots are coming for you too!!

xx, Jenni

P.S.  My chest is a work in progress, so yes, I did a bit of air brushing on the above pic!!  I do wish I had a before and after though because in just a few short months of following these tips, my chest looks SO MUCH YOUNGER!

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