DIY Lavender & Pine Linen Spray

DIY Linen Spray

Linen Spray can be so expensive and filled with toxic fragrances.  It’s something you should always DIY, in my opinion! A DIY Linen Spray is just too easy and using essential oils not only freshen a room, closet or linens, they also have therapeutic benefits for your health as well!   Plus, this would be the perfect gift for a loved one!   I mean, who couldn’t use a linen spray?  I know I could, I mean there’s a lot of this going on…..


Anyway, this DIY is simply a matter of mixing water, vodka and essential oils in a spray bottle and shaking it!  It’s that simple.  You can use this in the bathroom, as a room spray, furniture refresher or even keep it in your car!   I made a large bottle to keep in the house but you could make small bottles to give to several people!

I used Lavender because it is so relaxing and just makes sense if you are going to use this on your sheets.  I added some pine to give it a bit of a winter vibe!  You could use any essential oil you want though!  Ylang Ylang and Geranium are very potent and won’t require as many drops as lavender and grand fir Mood lifting Frankincense and invigorating Lemon are light in smell and might need a bit more drops.

DIY Linen Spray w/ Lavender & Pine

16 ounces of distilled water

2 TBSP. Vodka

60 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find it HERE)

40 drops Grand Fir Essential Oil (find it HERE)

*grand fir is very similar to pine essential oil.


  1. Mix all ingredients in a 16 ounce spray bottle.
  2. Shake!
  3. As a bonus-I added a pinch of lavender buds from yesterday’s DIY!  They give a bit of extra lavender smell and some visual interest!

You definitely need a label on this DIY so below I’ve made one that you can save to your computer and either print yourself via Avery or head to and have them made!  I use Sticker You all the time and recommend them.  They indicate that they ship very slowly but every time I’ve ordered, they’ve made my order within a couple of days and immediately shipped via USPS.  The labels are affordable and waterproof, and you can put several different labels on one page!


Linen Spritzer labelxx, Jenni


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