Perioral/ocular Dermatitis Update-What’s Working….

Perioral Periocular Dermatitis

I’m excited to be updating you on some positive progress on my perioral/ocular dermatitis!  I have 3 very specific things I’m doing that I believe have attributed the most to my progress.  While I’m flared up today, I have experienced a lot of healing and am able to now cover my PD with makeup easily making it much less noticeable!

I had such an overwhelming reaction from many of you relating to this skin issue and letting me know what worked for you.  There were also many of you in the same boat with no idea where your PD came from or what to do with it.  I loved connecting over your messages and am so touched at everyone who took the time to help!  I have incorporated many of your suggestions and am having great success!  My amazon account has never been so active!

First off, let’s recap.  Perioral Dermatitis is a skin rash that occurs around the mouth and periocular dermatitis occurs around the eyes.  I have both.  I wrote THIS post all about it.  I have concluded that for me it is a gut issue probably causes by a round of antibiotics I took last summer.  It can be caused by irritation, food intolerances, medication, hormones etc.  It’s hard to pinpoint because an exact cause is unknown.  Treatment is also very tricky because PD typically likes to be left alone and flares very easily.  I have found recovery is a tricky balance of keeping my diet in check and using extremely nourishing and gentle products.

Today I want to share what I believe is helping but as I write this I’ve had a flare up that is worse then it’s been in 3 weeks.  Why?  I don’t know.  I have found that my PD is directly related to seasonal allergies even though those were not a factor when the rash first appeared.  My rash also tends to look worse after sugar and alcohol.  Stress doesn’t seem to effect mine but many readers have connected theirs with stress.

ACV French Green Clay

Apple Cider Vinegar:

I am using apple cider vinegar in 2 ways.  First, I am taking 1 tbsp. in water 2x daily.  ACV has a number of benefits but one in particular is gut health.  I am also mixing acv with french green clay to form a paste and applying a thick layer to the rash about every other day.  I hesitate to share this because it’s not exactly gentle but a visible difference can be seen after the mask.  Find acv HERE.

Dr. Hauschka’s Ice Plant Cream:

A reader wrote me about this cream saying that it is what cured her of her PD.  I promptly bought the cream and have seen a very big difference.  It is insanely soothing and moisturizing and (until today) had completely cleared the rash around my mouth and greatly reduced the appearance of the rash around my eyes.  I never want to be without this cream and highly recommend it.  Not to mention, it is natural and safe as well!  I believe this cream is the main reason for my recovery.  It has allowed my to be able to easily cover my PD because it has softened and smoothed the bumps and taken away the flakey skin.  I apply a tiny amount of cream 3-4x daily.  This cream can be hard to find but for now it’s HERE on Amazon.

Dr. Hauschka Ice Plant Cream


I’ve doubled up on my collagen in my smoothie.  I now take 2 scoops daily which is actually the recommended amount but I experience some stomach upset with 2 scoops and it’s expensive!  However, stomachs adjust and I know the collagen is making a big difference in the overall texture of my skin.  I do not let a day go by without a collagen smoothie.  Go HERE for a recipe and HERE for the collagen I use.

I also have been using colloidal silver as a toner.  This is very gentle and was great to use when my eyes were so active.  I could spray it right in my eye with no burn.  It felt like water.  I had heard many people keep it for when pink eye strikes.  I don’t know if it improved my PD but it was soothing and gentle.

I’m also taking Nettle Leaf because I tend to get seasonal allergies in the month of February.  I take THESE.  They help keep me from allergy attacks.  

This type of dermatitis is a bitch to deal with.  It is stubborn, overly sensitive and unsightly.  From all the feedback I’ve received, many have suffered from this skin issue for years not knowing what caused it or what flares it.  As with most skin issues, I believe it is a fungal issue and can only truly be cured by healing the gut.  I read this week that a single round of antibiotics can take your gut up to 2 years to completely recover.  That’s staggering.

I hope this post has helped!  I’m making progress and know much more then I did the last post.  I highly recommend taking apple cider vinegar daily whether you have PD or not.  Go HERE for reasons why.  I also can not say enough about Dr. Hauschka.  I believe this cream is responsible for most of my progress. Collagen in a smoothie is about the best thing you can do for your skin, hair and nails.  It’s instant gratification!!  

xx, Jenni

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