Brow Post Round Up!

Brow Post Round Up

I  believe a well shaped brow can make all the difference in someone’s appearance. Honestly, brows can make or break you. Before you opt for that eye lift, get your brows in check first. Since I used to shape other women’s brows for a living, I’ve personally seen women walk out of a waxing appointment looking years younger for under $20 bucks-talk about bang for your buck!  

Since I love brows so much, I have quite a few posts to help you have the best brows you can and as you know, I’m a DIYer through and through so I shape and tint my brows at home and believe most women can too with some instruction and patience!

I’ve also formulated 2 different brow serums to help re-grow brow hair so you can get the best shape possible! 

Brow Growth Serum on Steroids

I formulated this serum after doing a ton of research on natural ingredients that help encourage hair growth. There were so many more than I expected with actual studies to back up their results. I can honestly say that this serum works. I made a new roll on lately and noticed a difference in a less then 2 weeks. 

DIY Brow Gel

DIY Eyebrow Gel

This DIY uses gelatin to thicken up a water solution so that you can tame and shape unruly brows. 

How to Shape Your Brows

How to Shape Your Brows the Easy Way

Every time I had my brows waxed, the aesthetician would always thin them out to where I had no shape. I vowed to never let any one touch my brows again and learned to do my own. I’ve got tricks and suggestions up my sleeve and share them in this post!

At Home Brow Tint

The Perfect at Home Brow Tint

Tinting brows can do wonders for your brows. I tint mine monthly in order to be able to get a very prominent shape. I tend to grow blonder hair on my brows so if you’re that way, tinting can make a huge difference! Plus, the professional dye I used to use in my business is available on Amazon and doing this at home is simple. 

DIY Brow Serum

Brow Thickening Serum (the easy version)

I formulated this recipe in the very beginning of my blog and it was based on very limited knowledge, but what’s funny is I’ve had readers let me know that this simple 2 ingredient serum works! Castor oil and rosemary essential oil are very powerful ingredients to re-grow hair and stimulate the hair follicle. I personally did not see big results like I do the new recipe but I think this recipe is worth a try.

DIY Cheek & Brow Highlighter

This product is one of my favorite DIYs that I’ve made several times. It definitely makes your brow bone POP! 

100% Pure Green Tea Fibers Brow Builder

Bold Natural Brows in Seconds!

I love this product by 100 Percent Pure! Not only does it help define the brows, it actually helps the brows look thicker then they are with green tea fibers! I love it so much I wrote a whole post on it!  

Phew-that’s a lot of brow talk! You are now on your way to perfecting your brows at home! 

xx, Jenni


Brow Post Round Up

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