The Great Outdoors Recipe Round Up!

I love summer.  What I love the most is how the outdoors comes alive almost overnight!  Nature is a wondrous thing and magical gift but with that gift comes poison ivy, sunburns, cuts and bug bites!  Over the years, I’ve written quite a few posts inspired by the great outdoors that are remedies I live by in the warmer months.  To help you have a less itchy, more natural (and magical) summer, I’m sharing all my summer survival posts to get you through the season!

  • All Natural Bug Spray
  • Bug Bite Balm
  • Citronella Beeswax Candles
  • Bug Repellent Cubes

  • Peace of Mind Roll On
  • DIY Calamine Lotion
  • A Natural Protocol for Bites with Tea Tree
  • Neosporin Balm

  • Suburn Relief Spray
  • Natural Suntan Oil
  • Sunburn Relief Lotion
  • Raspberry Mint SPF Lip Balm

Hopefully these recipes will be helpful for you and your family to get through the summer naturally!  

xx, Jenni


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