A Holiday Makeup Look with Pacifica…

Holiday Makeup w/ Pacifica

It’s holiday party season already and the perfect time to to go bold with your makeup look!  A little black dress and a red lip is a sure fire way to mix it up!  Throw in a smokey eye and some killer heels and you’re golden!

Today I’m sharing an evening makeup look I created using Pacifica makeup.  I love their body products so much that I had to try their makeup!  Pacifica is a vegan, cruelty free and affordable natural beauty line.  It is available at Target, Amazon and Ulta.

I’ll break down each product I used to let you know what I love and what I don’t when it comes to this line of makeup.

Dreamy Cover Bare Faced Serum Foundation– This foundation provides a lot of coverage.  However, it has a matte finish which I don’t go for.  If you like matte, you will like this.  Also, I chose the fair/light color which was extremely light despite me being very fair.  Light/medium would probably be a more natural color.  This foundation wears well and is feather light.  It comes in a  pump and you won’t believe how light it is yet it covers and evens skin well.  Bottom line, I won’t repurchase this foundation because I prefer a dewey look over matte.

Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream– I am not wearing this BB cream in this look but I’ve had it for a while and I love it.  It does not give the coverage the Bare Faced Serum does but it gives skin a beautiful glow.  However, the coverage is buildable.  It could be used as a tint or a primer so I will actually use this under the foundation to see if it helps give my skin a brighter look.

Blushious Coconut & Rose Infused Cheek Color-I’m a fan of this cheek color.  It’s a beautiful color that is in between pink and peach so it looks great an all skin tones.

Super Powder Supernatural Eyeshadow Trio-I love the colors in this eye shadow palette.  The problem I have is that these shadows are a cream rather then a powder.  I have never been able to wear cream shadows.  I must have oily eyelids!  I am wearing all 3 colors in the pictures and I love the look.  I am also wearing the white on my cheekbones and above my lip.  The colors are bold and rich but did not last on me.  The majority of the reviews are very positive and only a few people mentioned my issue.  If you like the colors and have history with cream, I recommend them.

Magical Multi-Pencil Prime & Line Lips Eyes & Face- I bought this pencil to whiten my inner eyes.  It is waterproof but does not seem to last long so I’ve ended up applying 2x and this helps.  I read many reviews where people were using this pencil to prime their lips and even using it as a highlighter and concealer!  It’s creamy and goes on smooth, plus it’s very affordable!

Natural Eye Pencil- I’m not a fan of this product.  It claims to be waterproof but it smudged and rubbed off very easily.  I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong-again-I might have overly oily lids!  Reviews were mostly positive on this pencil with hardly anyone having my issue plus it’s very affordable so it might be worth a try.

Dream Big Volumizing Mascara- This mascara is really unique.  It has a twist top that changes the length of the wand which helps with lengthening and thickening.  I find this mascara wears well and doesn’t smudge.  I do need a couple of coats to get the thickness I like but overall it’s a great natural mascara.

Devocean Lipstick I love this lipstick.  It’s a very wearable red.  I typically go for a blue/red but this color is more neutral which makes it an overall flattering color.  The color is long lasting and even after hours, the red tint is still vibrant.  It’s also very hydrating and comfortable to wear.

I’m anxious to try more Pacifica eye shadows but found that several of my local Ulta stores did not carry Pacifica makeup.  I’ve found Ulta online is the best source.  I’ll be ordering THIS pallete soon!

All though there were a couple products I didn’t love, the look came together and is perfect for a special night.  I’m excited to try more Pacifica makeup so stay tuned for more reviews and makeup looks!!

Happy Holidays, Jenni

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Pacifica Makeup Holiday Look

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