Life Lately: A Fresh New Year

Art by Anisa Makhoul

Hello 2020!!  I love a brand new year!  There’s something energizing and renewing that happens at the close of a year.  No matter how good a year is, I’m always ready to move on-is that weird?  2019 was a good year in my personal life but a horrible year in my business so resetting feels so good!

Below is something I stumbled upon on Instagram that I think is so helpful. If you feel depressed and/or out of sorts after the holidays, going through this list could be a huge help. I love ridding out, cleaning up and letting go.  Clutter, whether it’s in my inbox or closet creates a since of chaos in my head.  I hope you find this helpful if you’re finding it hard to get going.  

Christmas was a complete whirlwind.  Now that I’ve remarried, I’ve added a lot of family.  I didn’t think the holidays could get busier but they have.  Luckily, I feel very connected to Rodney’s family so that’s a huge plus but for an introvert the holidays get way out of balance for me.  Not to mention, the endless flooding of gifts for the girls triggers a lot of dodgy behavior on their part.  How do you teach a kid the world doesn’t revolve around them and to value the right things? I realize these complaints are good problems to have.  

In 2019 my blog lost half of it’s audience thanks to a Google update.  I’ve never recovered that traffic.  I know God allowed it to happen to help me align my intentions with His.  Having this blog has helped me recover from the major rejection of a divorce.  It allows me to use the things I’m good at and share who I am.  Blogging was all about that for a while for me-I needed to prove myself and show people I was worthwhile.  With the drop in traffic, I started to appreciate the readers that were left.  I started to realize that my purpose is not to lift myself up but to help people.  I’ve realigned my purpose and find more joy then ever when I can help someone on their natural journey.  I may never recover those readers but at least now, it’s not about me.  Using my platform for a deeper purpose has brought a new peace.  

Since I lost half my audience, I also lost half my income.  This has forced me to reopen my Etsy shop.  Another positive of the drop of traffic was that I have changed my focus and am loving putting more energy into J. Raincloud Organics.  I didn’t think I would ever get so much excitement from my skin care line but I have! I’m hopeful and so excited for what is to come! 

On a personal note, 2019 was a great success.  My girls are doing so good!  My youngest has been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD but we feel that since it’s been detected so early and she’s been with a tutor since kindergarten, we will be able to manage it without medication.  She’s made great progress and is a hard worker.  She understands she learns differently than others and has learned to manage that frustration by getting exercise outdoors.  We’re lucky that so far we can manage the issue with exercise and a few supplements. My oldest is on the verge of becoming a tween.  She’s in 5th grade and is branching out socially as well as making really good grades.  She’s learning to take pride in her work and seems to want to be kind to everyone.  

Rodney and I are doing great!  While we have our struggles, he’s really good at showing his acceptance and love for me.  I feel secure and I can honestly say I’ve never felt that in a relationship. He’s very humble and open to guidance when it comes to the girls. I fear that my propensity to stay home all the time has rubbed off on him but he’s ventured out a bit more lately and we even had a party after Christmas!  I am who I am and am very comfortable but I don’t want to isolate him. We’re looking forward to finishing the building on a new garage for him, a new den in the house and excited and hopeful for more success with gardening this spring and summer.  There might even be chickens involved-I’ll keep you posted on that one.    

We lost Rodney’s dog in November. It was a sad time. There’s not much more depressing than watching a loved one suffer and that she did. All our other animals are doing well-Still have the stray cat. She now sleeps with us on cold nights-none of the other cats are allowed so that tells you how much my husband has attached! Strays turn out to be the best cats. My 3 boys are total jerks to her (because they weren’t strays and have entitled attitude issues) so she appreciates when she does get to come in. 

I’m excited to get back to experimenting in the kitchen-I’ve got a few ideas and hopefully today I’ll get the energy and inspiration I need to make some new and exciting DIYs to try and share!  

I’ve been contributing regularly to my other blog, Stealing Pretty. I’ve got some great Amazon finds to share, a new playlist, plant tips and home decor ideas coming!  Follow HERE for the Stealing Pretty Instagram.

I greatly appreciate that you read my blog.  I’m excited to continue moving forward despite set backs and really hope my blog can continue to point you in the right directions when it comes to making your own skin care, choosing safe products or even getting through a hard time.  Please subscribe below for new post notifications, J. Raincloud Organic sales and recipes!  

xx, Jenni


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