Finding the Best Natural Mascara

Natural Mascaras

I’ve tried my fair share of natural mascaras throughout the years.  I’ve tried more brands then I can list but 3 stand out as the top performing products and out of those three is BY FAR the best.  

When I first started ridding my makeup drawer of toxins, I discovered Tarte Cosmetics.  I remember thinking, How simple!  One brand has all the high performing natural products I could ever need.  If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember quite a few tutorials and reviews on Tarte makeup.  Since then, thanks to a reader, I started digging a bit deeper into the ingredients of the products that I loved so much.  I was sick to find propylene glycol in my favorite mascara!  I also found that Tarte is not animal friendly.  I knew it was time to start exploring more natural brands.  

So let’s talk about all three mascaras.  I’ll give you the positives and negatives of each (if there are any) and also show you what each looks like on my lashes.  Read on! 

Natural mascaras

  1. Hynt  Nocturne Mascara-This mascara gives my lashes a natural, feathery look.  However, I don’t find it gives me much length and I need to use a curler.  I did not use a curler in the below picture.  I also have to be careful that I use a translucent powder under my eyes so that I don’t get raccoon eye.  The reviews are very favorable and the ingredients couldn’t be more natural. I will say, Hynt Beauty has quickly become my favorite makeup line. You can see my full review HERE.  I discovered them a few months back and can’t say enough.  However, this mascara is my least favorite of the three.
  2. 100 Percent Pure Ultra Lengthening Mascara-This mascara I’ve purchased over 3x.  It gives great length and thickness.  It also has a very natural ingredient list, it’s just a bit longer than Hynt’s mascara.  It doesn’t smudge or flake.  I will say that I always add a drop of lavender right when I open the mascara.  Natural mascaras have a tendency to get dry quickly and this seems to help.  
  3. Lily Lolo Natural Vegan Mascara-This is the absolute best mascara.  This mascara is better than my former favorite from Tarte. This mascara gives my lashes so much feathery thickness and length!  I am careful about removing any oil from under my eyes but this long lasting mascara.  The negative is that the ingredient list does contain quite a few ingredients that are not natural. However, I have looked each ingredient up on the EWG Skin Deep website and only one scored a 3 out of 10-1 being the most safe.  By the way-Lily Lolo is the cheapest!  UPDATE:Lily Lolo has a new mascara and I just finished the tube. I really like it as well. I think it’s a tad bit drier then the original and found it flaked a tiny bit under my eye but it did make my lashes even thicker and longer than the original. Find it HERE.

Below I have collaged what all the mascaras look like on me-the 100 Percent Pure picture is old and my hair is in the way but it was the best interpretation of what that mascara looks like.  

Natural Mascaras

Gone are the days where natural makeup just doesn’t add up!  As you can see, these mascaras all go a long way when it comes to thickening and lengthening.  Plus, if you need to wear mascara everyday, these mascaras won’t be a daily toxic dose!

In conclusion-the 100 Percent Pure mascara is the most high performing yet natural mascara and my choice for everyday wear. Lily Lolo is the best in performance and makes lashes look insanely good but not the best for everyday use.  Hynt is good but I don’t like using a lash curler daily and I feel for me, this is necessary to get my lashes pointed in the right direction with this mascara.  

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xx, Jenni


Natural Mascaras

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