Plant Therapy Holiday Product Review

Plant Therapy Holiday Product picture collage

I’m very slow to give into the Christmas spirit-I admit that every year. However, Plant Therapy, where I’ve been getting my essential oils, came out with brand new products just for the holidays. I don’t know what came over me but I got excited, am using the them and now I’m hooked. From festive diffuser blends to a multi-purpose cleanser that smells like a Christmas tree, these fun holiday products are brightening our spirits just in time for the Christmas season!

Today I’m reviewing a few of Plant Therapy’s fun Christmas goodies so you don’t miss out! Plus, I’m loving many of these products so much, I’m thinking they might make great gifts!

Plant Therapy Diffuser with diffuser blends around it.

Why I Love Plant Therapy:

First, a little background on Plant Therapy. I recently started using Plant Therapy’s essential oils because I was looking for a company that had faster, cheaper shipping than my usual Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils. Plant Therapy offers organic essential oils and offers free shipping on every order no matter how little! I’ve bought all my essential oil staples-lavender, lemon, tea tree, peppermint, geranium, patchouli, carrot seed, clove, eucalyptus and Roman chamomile. I’m happy and satisfied with all of them and feel confident to finally share them with you. 

I wrote a lengthy post all about Plant Therapy’s background, transparency, extraction methods and other general information. 

Full disclosure-I joined their affiliate program and make a small commission if you buy from my links for Plant Therapy. Ads and affiliate programs bring income which allows me to spend my time blogging. I appreciate your support! 

2 bottles of Christmas Tree Cleanser and 1 large spray bottle.

Collage of photos of the Christmas Tree Cleanser concentrate and spray bottle.

First things first, who doesn’t need a multi purpose, non toxic cleaner? Well, I typically use vinegar on every surface of my home which stinks. However, it’s non toxic and it works. I was a bit skeptical when I saw how bubbly the Plant Therapy concentrate was even when mixed with water but boy did it clean my black, shiny counters and even dark would floors without a streak or film! That’s never happened with any other cleanser which is why I had given up and just use vinegar!

As you can tell from my pics above, THIS KIT comes with 2 concentrates and a 16 ounce glass spray bottle. You dump 1 concentrate bottle into the spray bottle, fill with water, replace the lid, shake and clean! The smell is lovely and like I said, no streaks what so ever. 

It’s ever so important to replace toxic cleaning products with safe ones and if your adverse to vinegar, this kit is for you! 

You can also buy just the 2 pack of concentrate HERE. AND, upon further looking-Plant Therapy offers concentrates in their Germ Fighter scent, which is their version of Thieves as well as their Defender Blend which I have not tried but is used for boosting immunity.

Hands with red nails holding Plant Therapy's Linen Spray

Woman spraying a sofa with Plant Therapy's Linen Spray

Plant Therapy’s Christmas Memories Linen Spray smells just like the name. It smells of pine, berries, orange and clove. It’s a great product to have to spray before company comes over or just to freshen up your sheets, blankets or upholstery! Again, another must-have home product that needs to be non-toxic. Harmful sprays wreak havoc with your health on several different levels.

The fragrance of this linen spray is made up of entirely pure essential oils and isolates which means you can feel free to spritz away! 

Find Christmas Memories Linen Spray HERE.

5 Holiday Essential Oil Blends on a marble tray.

Dropping drops of Cranberry Lime Fizz in a Diffuser

Diffuser misting essential oils on a marble tray with diffuser blends.

My favorite items I’ve been using are Plant Therapy’s essential oil holiday blends. I have 5 of them and love them all but definitely have found my 2 favorites. I have Peppermintini, Hot Buttered Rum, Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree and Cranberry Lime Fizz. The Christmas Tree and Cranberry Lime Fizz are out of this world. I am diffusing them constantly. I have a terrible candle habit and now that the weather is too cold to get windows open, I know I must refrain until I can make more beeswax candles. These diffuser blends came in just the nick of time. They are making it much easier to not light a toxic candle! 

Hot Buttered Rum only comes in THIS Holiday Party Essential Oil Blends Kit.

I also tried out one of  their diffusers. It’s exceptionally pretty and works well. It has several settings where you can control the mist rather than just let it go until the water runs out. That comes in handy when you diffuse while you sleep. Find the diffuser HERE.

If you’re new to Plant Therapy, you might be interested in reading my Honest Plant Therapy Review plus you can use my coupon code JENNIRAINCLOUD for 10% off your first order!

xx, Jenni

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