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Hello everyone!  I’ve been MIA this week from the blog so I thought I’d drop in and say Hi.  This has been one of those weeks, hence no posts.  I caught a cold and it literally knocked me out!  Like, zero energy or brain action for several days.  My divorce became final yesterday so that was looming as well.  On a lighter note-things are looking up-Fall is such an exciting time for me and I definitely feel that a chapter has closed and a new and promising one is beginning!  The girls are doing great!  Sofie has adjusted beautifully to 1st grade, lost her front tooth (you can see it hanging by a thread in the pic!) and is well on her way with learning to read and subtraction!  Heidi is just a bottomless pit of hugs and new dance moves.  She’s settled into her last year at home before pre-K and has graduated from napping daily to maybe 2x a week!

h & s collageIt’s been a bit of a slow summer for the blog which is ironic since we’re now a 1 income family!  But, it has inspired me in so many ways.  I’ve rediscovered energy and love for my Etsy shop and business has picked up!  If you aren’t a fan of all my “advertising” hopefully you can understand how incredibly vital it is for me to be a success for myself and my girls in this new chapter.  I certainly would never push my homemade products on anyone, I just want those of you who are interested to be aware of any promotions!

J. Raincloud Organics


I appreciate my readers so much, I hope you all know.  Forgive me if I share too much.  It’s just that this blog is such a gift and I feel I’m in good company!  It’s important to me that you all know the person behind the blog.  I’m an open book and above everything, I pray God will use my life experiences to help others.

Have a great weekend!

xx, Jenni

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