Beauty Tip: Shave Your Face.

How to Shave Your FaceYes, the title is correct-it’s not a typo.  I, Jenni Raincloud, shave my face.  I used to wax women for a living.  I’ve probably waxed about a million upper lips and chins.  I always hated it.  It is a necessary evil, but it’s such a harsh procedure.   It’s tough on the skin and it hurts like hell.  In fact, I sported a blonde mustache up until a few months ago.  I wouldn’t say I was proud of it, I just hoped no one was noticing it.  Well, they were, so I waxed.  Holy crap-was this the amount of pain I was inflicting on all those ladies for all those years and charging them money for it?????  On top of the pain, I broke out horribly.  I might have had a hairless upper lip, but it was covered in tiny pimples.  Not worth it.  AT. ALL.

That’s when I-while creeping around You Tube, found Michelle Money and her video on shaving her face.  I’m a big Bachelor fan so obviously, Michelle Money is good with me.  Of course, you don’t want to shave your face with a regular razor.  You need a Tinkle.  Not to be confused with you need to tinkle.  Tinkle Razors are these tiny razor that are gentle and safe for your facial skin.  I’ve never nicked my skin with a Tinkle nor do I experience any discomfort while shaving or after shaving.  This is a must-DO NOT SHAVE YOUR FACE WITH A REGULAR RAZOR.  Trust me.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • Only shave your face after you’ve cleansed your skin.
  • If you are sensitive or very dry, apply a thin layer of moisturizer or coconut oil before you shave your face.
  • Always use tiny downward movements.
  • Don’t shave your forehead-You probably don’t need to and it’s hard.
  • I don’t use a Tinkle for my brows.  Because of the size and angle-it’s just to easy to screw up.
  • I shave my sideburns and cheeks and my upper and lower lip.
  • Not only will you remove hair, you will also remove dead skin!!  Yippee!
  • Always use a toner and moisturize afterwards.
  • I shave about 2x a month but you could shave weekly if needed.
  • Hair will not grow back stubbly or dark.  First off, it’s impossible to grow back darker and this razor is so gentle that it doesn’t chop the hair off like a normal razor would so it grows back soft!  I’ve never had stubble.
  • Your skin will feel smoother and your makeup will go on and look smoother as well!

Tinkles-The Female Face RazorWhether you have peach fuzz or a full blown 5 o’clock shadow-Tinkle Razors are an awesome solution.  As you can tell from my psychotic smiley picture above, I’m pretty excited about it.  While I have never been able to find research to support my opinion that waxing is too harsh for the skin, it doesn’t take a genius to know it’s not contributing to all your anti aging efforts!

Find Tinkle Razors HERE.

xx, Jenni

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