Wedding Pictures and All the Details!

I’m so excited to share the pics from my wedding last month!  I have to admit, Rodney and I were not sold on a wedding.  We looked into eloping, running to the courthouse or doing something small in the backyard.  Honestly, nothing felt right for a while.  We just aren’t showy people and the thought of saying vows in front of people made us both nervous.  However, a close friend reminded me that the two of us weren’t the only ones involved.  She so wisely reminded me the girls needed a beautiful memory and perhaps Rodney and I might need one too someday.  So, since we spent so much time getting to know each other on my patio, it seemed fitting.  We invited our church group because they are truly responsible for convincing both of us to give each other a chance.  They are the ones who had my back when I was newly divorced.  They are invested in my kiddos and I in theirs.  My friends literally spotted Rodney at church and knew they wouldn’t rest until he joined our group (against my insisting I was good single ;)).  My parents came and his dad came and that was it!  We kept it small and felt it fitting to share the moment with only the people that really knew us as a couple.   I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out and the pictures were worth the gown that I ripped off seconds after the ceremony was over!  (THIS is what I changed into.)

Our officiant was one of our best friends who means so much to me.  He and his wife took such a huge stand not only convincing me to join a group of all married people but proceeding to pour into my children and fiercely insulate me from my past.  You could even say they helped secure my future as well!

So if you haven’t caught this-I’m cheap.  Which was another factor in not wanting a wedding.  However, I searched Amazon high and low for affordable wedding dresses.  I probably ordered 10+ and sent them all back but the one I ultimately chose.  The girl’s dresses were also from Amazon and doubled as their Easter dresses.  Their AMAZING hairbands are from Etsy and only $13!  I found my shoes on Amazon HERE.  The day before the wedding, my mom and I went to Whole Foods and chose different flowers for my bouquet and grabbed pre-made mini bouquets for the girls.  I’ve linked everything below in case you’re in the market for an affordable wedding!

Thank you to everyone that is interested in my wedding.  It really was my unexpected fairy tale wedding that I never knew I wanted-ha!  The ceremony was perfect.  Our friends and family brought food and a cake and cupcakes.  I was apprehensive about having this type of wedding where other people were in charge of food but it really turned out beautiful and I was so touched by how involved everyone wanted to be.  The event was full of laughter and smiles and I couldn’t be happier!

xx, Jenni

Photography by: Ashley Sunderland

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