Skin Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil Skin BenefitsI’ve been using essential oils for many years now, but Geranium is an oil that I just recently discovered.  In my pursuit of knowledge of making your own skin care, I kept finding over and over how the Geranium essential oil skin benefits are vast. This might just be my new favorite essential oil for beauty!

Just recently I included geranium in my recipe for a Skin Firming Facial Cream.   Geranium oil has the ability to help balance hormones, soothe stress and depression, reduce inflammation, encourage circulation, and lower blood pressure! 

See, I told you, it’s a good one-read on to learn the miracles it does for skin!!

Geranium Essential Oil Skin Benefits

  • Astringent- basically this means it contracts the skin, in other words, it tightens and firms!  Geranium can actually tighten your skin and give you a smoother look.  It can prevent your skin from sagging long term and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and delay premature aging!
  • Cytophylactic- it encourages your skin to slough off dead skin cells and regenerate new cells.
  • Cicatrisant- geranium oil is able to greatly reduce scars and spots.  It revs up blood circulation which helps promote healing and even skin tone.
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial-keeps wounds from getting infected  as well as healing present infection.  This is amazing  news for people using geranium to heal acne!
  • Vulnerary- this means geranium oil will speed up the healing process for wounds and cuts.
  • Balances skin-Basically if you are oily or dry, geranium oil will bring balance to extreme skin types.
  • Relieves water retention and swelling.  Great for puffy eyes!

Geranium Essential Oil Skin BenefitsGeranium Essential Oil Skin Benefits

How to Incorporate it in your Beauty Regime:

  • Apply 3-4 drops to your skin in the morning underneath your moisturizer.
  • Add to your moisturizer.
  • Apply one drop to each under eye bag.
  • Diffuse for a mood boost!
  • Rub on abdomen area for bloating relief.

As you can see, Geranium oil is one of the most effective essential oils for skin concerns as well as health issues.  Once again, nature has delivered a far superior alternative to high dollar anti aging skin care products! 

My favorite geranium essential oil is from Mountain Rose Herbs.  Find it HERE.

xx, Jenni



Geranium Essential Oil Skin Benefits

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