Life Lately-Blog Makeover and Summer Fun!

Life Lately Summer 2018Hi everyone!  Well-I have so much to say!  First off, what do you think of my new blog look?  I’m continuing to tweak it because I want it to be as easy to read as possible.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback!!  Please comment below if you have an opinion!!

I’ve been loving working on my new blog, Stealing Pretty.  Fashion blogging is a whole other world from health blogging and it’s been a nice change of pace.  It’s fun and light!  If you are looking for affordable, unique pieces that are slightly out of the box, I’ve got you covered.  When I started dating again, I would get really excited and want to have a new outfit every time.  This was not feasible because of time or money so I took to Pinterest and Amazon Prime.  I found some really cute tops, bags and shoes for very cheap prices.  Some pieces worked and I was able to style them in a way that they did not look cheap.  Others were flops and I had to return.  I had several friends encourage me to start a blog and after a few months I did!  I’m also rounding up season trends as well as mom friendly and budget friendly outfits and of course scouting out the best deals!  If you love a good sale or just need some outfit inspo. head my way!

Also, I have switched essential oil companies.  I decided to start using Mountain Rose Herb’s oils because they are high quality yet very affordable.  Also, it will make DIYing much easier because you can get all your ingredients in one place.  I originally was going to use MRH for essential oils when I first started blogging but then I met the founder of the Camp Wander blog (still one of my faves) and she was using Spark Naturals at the time.  I went with her choice and have been nothing but happy with the essential oils at Spark Naturals.  However, I am trying to make a living with Jenni Raincloud and there have been lots of changes to the affiliate program-one being that the oils are now available in several large retailers and Amazon Prime.  That’s great for the company but bad for us affiliates.  Again-if you love Spark Naturals keep on with their oils.  I still stand behind their excellent quality.  I will continue to use up my oils until I run out and replace with Mountain Rose Herbs.  This was probably a bit TMI but I like to be totally transparent with you all.  I will be doing a post very soon introducing their oils-I’m due a big essential oils delivery today!

Also, I’m really trying to Insta Story more.  I follow several vegan bloggers, beauty bloggers and natural health bloggers that inspire me daily with their healthy lifestyles.  That’s such a core focus for me with this blog and I need to be more visible.  I’m hoping I don’t bore you to death or share too much.  Last night I got a little over excited with the 4th of July festivities!

As for my home life, Rodney is settling in well.  We’ve been shocked at how easy it’s been so far.  We feel we’ve been very isolated so far this summer but I’m so contented with his companionship that I haven’t even noticed.  We’ve been enjoying watching Bates Motel on Netflix every night and have gone completely over the top with snacking in bed.  Shoot, the girls go to bed and we head to the kitchen for wine and food.  You name it and we’ve probably ate it in bed.  I hugged him the other morning and he had crumbs stuck to his back!  LOL.  It’s definitely time to reign in this nightly ritual!

The girls are doing well.  They’ve had a few day camps and are in gymnastics.  I don’t allow electronics (besides TV) and I’m so glad.  They are best friends and play with their dolls, swim and read.  I can’t imagine if I had had an iPad growing up so I just decided to try to keep it away and see if it would encourage more creative playing and more togetherness.  So far it has.  Rodney installed a zip line for them and they’ve taken right to it.  Since Rodney doesn’t have kids and grew up around male cousins, he’s trying his best to roll with the girls and all their dolls.  I’m pretty sure he’s thrilled they love the zip line.  He also took us to the lake and they loved it.  He’s brought a new outdoorsy element that is really expanding our playtime!

I think that just about covers it!  As always, I love comments and am always happy for your suggestions on what you like to see on this blog!  I’m working on a new DIY for lips.  I’ve accumulated a few new wrinkles (I think I whistle too much) around my mouth and I am trying to make the mother of all anti aging lip balms!  Stay tuned for that one!

xx, Jenni


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