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back to school essential oils

Back to school is an exciting time of year. It’s also a time where kiddos are exposed to a lot of germs and bugs run rampant. Not only are kids not as healthy during the school year, they bring everything home to us! I’ve rounded up the top essential oils for back to school to help you get through the school year a bit easier!

Today is the big day-Sofie’s first day of 1st grade!  Wow.  She’s just growing so fast.  My youngest, Heidi and I are surviving our first day in months without her but the clock crawls and the baby bawls. 

This year, despite feeling sad to see her go for the majority of the day, I was looking forward to coming back into some sort of routine.  We’ve had the hardest and busiest summer of our lives.  My dad has been out of commission with major health issues and of course, the never ending saga of living through divorce drags on and on. 

Life has been hard but the future seems exciting, especially now that school is back.

OCS Sofia First Grade

As every parent knows, the school year can bring illness.  It also means that someone else will be in charge of disciplining your child and many other children will be influencing your child.  Our gaps in discipline will be on display for more then family to see-EEEK!!  This reality can bring on anxiety for many parents.

Back to School Essential Oil Must Haves

Shield Blend essential oil is the first back to school must have. It is a blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.  Many of you are familiar with Young Living’s Thieves or DoTerra’s OnGuard.  Shield is Mountain Rose Herb’s version of those. 

Shield Blend is an absolute must during the winter months.  A day doesn’t go by that I’m not diffusing Shield at some point in the day. 

When a cold starts knocking, socks are off and all our feet are getting a rub down with this potent oil.  We even put a drop in our water to soothe sore throats and ward off bacterial diseases and viruses (research this form of treatment before you deem it OK for your family). 

I never let my bottle of Shield Blend go empty.  I even diffuse it in the car upon picking kiddos up from school and make my own spray to use in public restrooms, on door knobs etc.    You can read all about Shield and a more in-depth post on how I use it HERE.

Lavender essential oil is the next oil I recommend. I find that it takes some time to get back in the groove of being engaged and away from home for 7 hours a day. Huge breakdowns seem to happen around dinner time from being over stimulated and over tired. I find that diffusing and applying lavender can help soothe these episodes.

Lavender is also proven to calm. It is helpful for kiddos that have a hard time falling asleep. I apply to the bottoms of the feet, diffuse in their room at night and have even made a pillow spray with lavender and distilled water. 

Breath blend is the next oil I always like to have on hand. This oil helps with the sniffles, congestion and even sore throats. It’s a great one to have on hand and can be helpful when diffused or can be applied as well. This oil is so helpful in a personal inhaler or can be diluted with a carrier oil and used as a chest rub.

Breath is a blend of organic scotch pine essential oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, organic spike lavender essential oil, and organic peppermint essential oil.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the most powerful antibacterial oils. I keep it on hand at all times. Read how helpful it is when nature attacks HERE. It’s an after thought of an oil in this post since Shield Blend is really what helps protect from germs, but Tea Tree is more gentle and would be a fantastic alternative to act as a hand sanitizer or diffuse.

back to school essential oils

I can’t imagine not utilizing essential oils during the school year. It’s no fun getting sick but essential oils can be incredibly helpful when it comes to protecting your family. 


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