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I say this at the beginning of these posts every time-I love this series of posts.  I wanted to veer off from natural skin care for a moment and share bits and pieces of my world so I decided to find 5 things that make me happy no matter how small they may be.  I tried to do it weekly but it’s much harder then it seems!  When I began doing it, it helped me get in the moment and find joy in the little things.  I highly encourage you to do it too!

This time it’s all about summer.  I love summer as if I haven’t made that clear.  I come alive, feel inspired and at peace.  I think it has a lot to do with the vitamin D. 

My first “thing” that has made me happy lately are THESE flip top containers.  How pretty and how fun to add a balm to them?  In mine is 1/4 cup olive oil, 1.5 tbsp. beeswax, 6 drops lavender essential oil, 5 drops cypress essential oil and 8 drops lemon essential oil.  I keep it by my bed and use it to moisturize my hands and feet.  DIY skin care is not just about taking control of your skin care routine, it’s about making something wonderful and even beautiful with your hands.  Pretty labels and unique jars and bottles take it to the next level.



The second joy is my husband’s garden.  I married a very outdoorsy guy.  When he moved in with me, he gained over 2 acres of land and naturally decided to have a go at gardening.  This jives with my plant based lifestyle I am trying to live so I was thrilled!  My grandfather had a large garden and taught me to love nature in that garden so I’m hoping this is something we can both expand in the years to come.  

I love the idea of living off the land.  Since it’s his first year and we got a late start, I’m quite shocked that we have veggies to show for it.  We’ve eaten from the garden almost every day and for his first time, I think he’s a natural!   We even have 2 tiny watermelons!!  

TJ Maxx has upped their planter game.  This year I’ve been more obsessed then usual with plants.  I found both these planters in the store a few weeks ago.  They are giving me joy every day.  You can find similar planters HERE and HERE.  They are very affordable!  I’ve bought 2 others there as well for larger plants.  This year I splurged and bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.  We named her Fanny and I’m hoping and praying I keep her alive.  That gurl was expensive.  

I know, I know-I’m not 12 and should be reading adult books but I adore Nancy Drew books and I ain’t playing by many rules these days.  I have the most rich memories of going to my neighbors house and “checking out” (like it was a library) her grown daughter’s Nancy Drews.  I got to go to her room and choose one at a time.  Mind you, her daughter was very pretty and in college so I was quite excited to get to go in her room and borrow her books!  

I’ve always been into mysteries and as I age, I’m longing for the days before phones, internet and social media.  I think I’m pining for days I’ve never experienced.  I love how the 1950’s-60’s are so evident when you read these books.  I love how wholesome, independent and sharp Nance was and I love how I still get the chills from these lovely mysteries.

This wouldn’t be a summer post without showing off my new succulent arrangements!  I think, these are by far the best I’ve done.  The first pictures was inspired by THIS beautiful planter and the 2nd pic’s planter is from IKEA years ago.  

This has been a great summer so far.  I can’t believe I only have 1 more month with my girl’s at home.  They have been crazy busy and I feel like I fight all the grandparents to keep them home with me!  We’re lucky to call this are biggest problem.  

Of course it wouldn’t be summer without Big Brother!  So far it’s good.  

Also, it wouldn’t be summer without a summer playlist.  You can find that HERE.  

I’ve been randomly contributing to Stealing Pretty.  I’ve taken the emphasis off fashion because it made me feel vein and vapid-2 traits I’d rather not be known for.  I’ve shared home decor posts as well as lots of playlists.  I do however have a post I just posted on Amazon hits and misses.  I’ve found so many good Amazon buys and equally so many bad ones. I do love treasure hunting on Amazon.  See it HERE.

I hope this posts inspires you to find your 5 things that are currently “sparking joy”!  

xx, Jenni

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