8 Essential Oils I ❤️

Essential Oils I loveIt’s no secret, I have a few essential oils I use over and over.  I love these oils for several reasons.  Some smell amazing, some do wonderful things for skin and some have physical benefits.  In honor of all things lovely for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share my favorite essential oils for skin care and explain how I use them, personally!

My Top 8 Essential Oils:

  • Lavender Essential Oil-Ahhhhh, my favorite!  I diffuse this essential oil constantly as well as use it as a room/linen spray.  I apply it before bed and am currently using it on a large rash I acquired by using a product I’m clearly allergic too!  Can’t live without it.  Go HERE for another reason to love it!
  • Carrot Seed Essential Oil-This oil is incredible for the skin.  It has been called the regenerator of essential oils.  It regenerates skin cells like non other.  It also reduces water weight and puffiness, revs up circulation and helps protect your skin from sun damage!  I use it in THIS recipe and wrote a whole post on all it’s benefits HERE. It is a fantastic oil to be used around the eyes since that skin is thinner and more delicate.
  • Cypress Essential Oil-This oil has some amazing tightening power! Plus, I love the scent when added to geranium and lavender. It is very woodsy. I add it to THIS popular facial cream recipe and you can find it in THIS toner.
  • Geranium Essential Oil-This oil is truly the beauty oil.  It helps even skin tone and balances all skin conditions.  It also revs up circulation, reduces the appearance of scars, is healing and encourages cell turnover.  This oil deserved it’s own post as well.  Read more HERE. I add this oil to most of my anti aging recipes. Currently, I use it in my toner and my facial oil. 
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil-I love Ylang Ylang for it’s skin balancing benefits.  It also has a very sweet, distinctive scent that is known to “set the mood”…. I like adding it to lavender in my diffuser but a little goes a long way. I typically use 2 drops of Ylang Ylang and 8 drops of Lavender. 
  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil-This oil is for sure known as THE oil for sensitive skin.  It has been known to alleviate skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis and is incredibly healing.  It’s a staple in my solid oil cleanser! I also add it to my Eczema Cream recipe.
  • Helichrysum Essential Oil-This oil is a high end oil yet it’s price is more doable then it’s counterparts. It has an interesting smell but has a fantastic reputation for healing and regenerating. It’s the rich man’s carrot seed oil. It has also been known to fade brown spots. It’s also very high in antioxidants and known to reduce puffiness. I use it in THIS facial oil and use the hydrosol in THIS serum.
  • Rose Essential Oil, while being extremely expensive is a truly luxurious oil.  I have recently used rose in a few experimental DIYs and I’m understanding what all the rage is about.  I used it in THIS serum and can’t say enough about it.  I’m crazy in love with this serum!  First off, a pure, unadulterated rose smells other worldly but it also has massive benefits for the skin. If you love the scent of rose but would prefer not to spend the big bucks for the unadulterated version, check out THIS roll on and THIS alternative. Don’t forget about Rose Hydrosol which I use in many of my recipes including THIS hyaluronic acid serum and THIS toner. 

Remember not all essential oils are created equally. Quality varies greatly through out all the essential oil companies you have to choose from. I don’t mess around with companies like Young Living or DoTerra. I believe their prices are too high and I prefer not to sign up for things just to buy an essential oil!

Mountain Rose Herbs is where I prefer to get all my DIY beauty ingredients and am very satisfied with their essential oils. They are organic and fair trade certified, which most essential oil companies can not claim. They also have a certified in-house aromatherapist to analyze their essential oils to ensure consistent quality. They have a huge selection and their prices are much lower then YL! Explore their essential oils HERE.

I also love Plant Therapy essential oils and love that they offer fast, free shipping as well as organic oils and a lower price than most! When I need an essential oil quickly, Plant Therapy is my go-to. 

What about your favorites? There are so many to love and I didn’t even mention any citrus oils! 

xx, Jenni


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