Annmarie Sample Kit + 3 Sample Serums!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annmarie Skin Care!!  This skin care line is so inspiring to me and my line and I love sharing it with you because Annmarie provides some incredible skin care tools that we can trust are 100% safe for the body.  They venture into realms of skin care I never could on my own, especially with their skin serums.  Because Annmarie Skin Care is so generous, they have offered yet another deal to Jenni Raincloud readers!  This time it’s a $20 sample kit that contains their Aloe Herb Cleanser and facial oil for normal/combination skin plus 3 samples of skin serums!  This is such a great way to find out which serum is for you!  Not to mention and incredible value.  

Did I mention this kit ships free?!

I’ve said it so many times but let me say it again-if you don’t like oil cleansing, the Aloe Herb Cleanser is for you.  It’s gentle, natural and won’t strip your skin.  It gently removes all makeup, dirt and excess sebum.  It also smells so amazing!  

You have to be so careful with soap based cleansers.  It’s hard to DIY a natural cleanser and it’s even harder to make it gentle.  This formulation has done both.  I’ve actually taken a break from using my Detox Oil Cleanser and used the Aloe Herb Cleanser all summer.  With all the extra sun, my skin dries out quickly and this cleanser has not contributed to that.  It effectively removes all my makeup (including mascara) and doesn’t leave me feeling tight.  

Their Herbal Facial Oil is my favorite scent of theirs.  It smells like heaven.  It’s aimed for normal/combination skin but it was enough for my super dry skin.  As with any facial oil, it only takes very little to well hydrate the skin.  It’s light and absorbs quickly. 

You do have an option of choosing the kit that correlates with your skin type.  I just happened to get the normal kit!

The Importance of Adding Serums To Your Routine

Serums are not a must for your skin care routine but they are definitely something that can greatly enhance the health of your skin.  I think of serums as boosters because they boost whatever your other skin care products are doing.  You must determine what it is that your skin needs so that you can choose a serum to enhance the other products in your routine and achieve your best skin!  

Serums are to be used after cleansing and toning but before your moisturizer and eye serum.  They can be used morning and night or just at night.  

According to Annmarie Skin Care:

  • The Probiotic Serum with Tremella is anchored in biome-friendly ingredients intended to restore the healthy flora of skin compromised by environmental stressors—from urban pollutants to extended sun exposure. Its unique medley of bio-fermented antioxidants and soothing probiotics can boost your complexion’s natural defenses over time.
  • Want to instantly boost your glow? A mere drop of our Citrus Stem Cell Serum will work wonders for dermal drought, swapping parched pores for even-toned radiance. It is a highly-concentrated concoction of orange-derived stem cells intended to brighten the look of dull, aging skin.
  • The same goes for our Anti-Aging Serum: it’s ideal for binding water to any facial ecosystem so that hydration becomes second-nature. Plus it’s packed with nutrients that feed your complexion and support healthy-looking skin day-by-day, now and later.

My personal favorite serum is the Probiotic Serum with Tremella.  It is perfect to combat the stress of the summer months.  Last winter I loved the Anti Aging Serum.  Once the summer is over, I’ll be giving the Citrus Stem Cell Serum a go!  So yes, basically they are all great-it just depends on what your skin needs during the seasons.  

Check this limited kit out HERE.

Annmarie Skin Care kit

Also, I just double checked and the above kit is still available!  This kit is only $20 and it’s worth $40.  It’s an excellent way to experience even more of this skin care line for less.  Everything but the facial oil is a travel size which makes it great if you’re going on a trip or just wanting to try products out!  You can read all about this kit HERE or purchase it HERE.  Like the Serum kit, this kit also ships free!

Get a Kit, Get a Coupon!

Each sample kit comes with a $10 off coupon towards a purchase which pretty much means your kit is free!!  

There is a limited supply of samples so act quickly!

I highly recommend Annmarie Skin Care.  There quality and attention to ingredients is unmatched in my opinion.  Everything smells amazing and each product is well received by my skin.  You know when you apply something to your body and you can tell it’s a happy acceptance?  That’s every product I’ve tried from Annmarie.  I guess with the amount of products sent to me over my time blogging, I’ve just learned that feeling of either-YES, this is good or No, this doesn’t feel right.  

I hope you’ll grab both kits if you haven’t already!  I love mixing these products with my own skin care line and I think you will too!

  • Find the Du0 + Serums kit HERE.

  • Find the 4 Piece kit HERE. 

xx, Jenni

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