Sun Goddess Makeup Kit Look w/ 100 Percent Pure!

100 Percent Pure Rose Gold Palette

One of my favorite clean makeup companies, 100 Percent Pure has a new kit out for the summer that I’ve been using non stop lately. It’s a great value and has the perfect makeup products for a summery, fresh look! The Sun Goddess Makeup Kit includes four clean beauty must haves that I think you’re going to love! 

100 Percent Pure Rose Gold Makeup Look Products:

Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette: $55.00All Over Glow: Lightly Sun Kissed: $38.00Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Black Tea: $30.00Fruit Pigmented® Lip Gloss: Pink Caramel: $22.00 

Unfortunately, this kit is no longer available but you can still purchase all of the makeup products separately!100 Percent Pure Rose Gold Palette

100 Percent Pure Rose Gold Palette

I’ve been wanting to try the Rose Gold Palette for a long time now. I was surprised at the colors when I tried them but am happy with the look! 100 Percent Pure’s shadows and blushes are typically very pigmented and this one is no exception. 

Highlighter-This was the color I was most surprised at. It was more of a gold than a white and despite being pigmented, it has a subtle shimmer since the color is more skin toned. 

Blush-A little goes a LONG WAY. As you can see in some of my pictures, it’s very easy to apply too much. It too has a shimmer to it but I don’t find it garish or harsh unless you over apply. 

Shadow #1-This shadow is highly pigmented and goes on very dark. I tend to keep this one on the outer corner of my eyes and in the crease as well as on the lower lashes. It’s a shimmery, dark pink. 

Shadow #2-This is the highlighter for the eyes but like the face highlighter, it’s more of a flesh color so it doesn’t have much of a pop. Again, it’s pigmented but subtle and perfect for tanned skin.

Shadow #3-This shadow is a nice all over the lid shadow. It is pink, shimmery and not too dark.

Find it HERE.

I love this Body Shimmer! As you can see, it’s very pretty on the skin. I’ve got a thicker coat on the back of my hand so it doesn’t look this dramatic when applied to larger areas but it does add a bit of color, has a beautiful shimmer and is long lasting! Find it HERE.

I’m terrible at applying liquid liner, especially a wing despite much practice but I had to give it a go with this liner since I’ve never tried it. I have to say, while my application is shaky, the thin brush makes it a bit easier. Also, the liner lasts all day and dries and stays quickly. In fact, it took a bit of effort to wash it off. If you’re in to liquid liner, I can’t recommend this one enough. Find it HERE.

I LOVE this peach lip gloss. It is so pretty yet subtle. It has more thickness than a normal lip gloss. I also have this lip gloss in Pomegranate Wine and while it looks really dark, it’s really subtle! Find it HERE.

Other 100 Percent Pure Products I’m Wearing:

  • Ultra Lengthening Mascara
  • Long Last Brows
  • Moonstone Glow Luminizer


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xx, Jenni

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